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When you’re not at home.

on December 8, 2015

We were away for most of the past weekend, which is why I haven’t written for a few days.

So, what do you eat when you are not in your own kitchen with your own food?

It doesn’t have to be hard. I haven’t had a social situation yet where I’ve found nothing to eat. Wherever you are, there is something you can eat, even if you have to ask for broccoli instead of potatoes, or leave the peas on your plate. If you keep it simple, you will make it work.

We went to a party and there was plenty of food that we could eat. Salad, chicken pieces, slices of roast pork and beef, curried prawns (I left the peas on my plate). We passed on the rice, pasta salad, potato bake and party foods like chips and lollies. And cake – we didn’t eat birthday cake.

For dinner we found a lovely cafe and ate some lovely food and drank some lovely (low carb) beer. We didn’t need a big meal as we’d hate a late lunch at the party and it’s surprising how much this way of eating fills you up. (That rule comes into play a lot – only eat when you are actually hungry).

We both had chicken for dinner. With broccollini (however I spell it doesn’t look right), baby spinach and the yummiest pesto we have ever tasted.

dinner 5th ave shellharbour

Breakfast on Sunday morning needed to be bacon and eggs or an omelette or something equally LCHF. If we’d been staying in an apartment, we would have been able to cook it ourselves, but we were in a motel room with only a toaster and kettle, so it wasn’t going to work. We found a coffee shop & had a cuppa and some bacon & scrambled eggs. Ray had an omelette, which wasn’t as nice as the ones he makes, but it was still good. My breakfast tasted great, because someone else made it for me.

From there we were headed for a 3 hour drive to attend a picnic with some cousins and aunties and uncles from my Dad’s side of the family. The drive was in the direction of home, so it broke up the longer trip. We had packed an empty esky as we knew we would be shopping that morning and then transporting cold meats and a variety of cheeses. And pickles and olives! I will get to the importance of pickles in a future post. Remind me if I don’t do it soon. We bought bread rolls for the kids and they had cold meat and cheese on them. I didn’t end up eating lunch – again I wasn’t hungry as I’d eaten a filling breakfast.

We were back home for dinner, which consisted of salmon fillet, fried, with salad. Fresh and delicious and filling. The kids aren’t keen on having salmon  for dinner, so we had sausages for them. With oven baked chips and a side of peas & corn. Carb stuff for them, but we were able to get them to try a few more salad vegetables. With not much success, I must add. I don’t think their tastebuds have developed a love of healthier foods yet! But we’ll get there. Perhaps your children already eat salads – perhaps you were more determined than we were when the kids were younger. Ours will eat cucumber & raw carrot ’til the cows come home, but only a tiny portion of lettuce, no celery (unless it’s hidden in a cooked meal), no fresh tomato (just like me), no capsicum, no zucchini noodles and no pickles!

Switching to an LCHF lifestyle certainly doesn’t mean the end of eating out. As I said in one of my earlier posts, we still go out for dinner once a week. It’s a matter of getting to know what you should and shouldn’t eat & not being afraid to ask for adjustments to meals on the menu. The My Fitness Pal App is handy when you are unsure, as you can type in a food as if you were eating it to see it’s nutritional value and can then cancel out without it being logged against your day’s food.

Questions? Hit me! What else do you want to know>





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