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BPC – have you tried it?

on December 8, 2015

BPC – Bullet Proof Coffee

Have you ever heard of it?

Have you tried it?

Do you need it?

Bullet Proof Coffee (or BPC as it is often abbreviated to) is a coffee drink that you can make at home and is designed to keep you full for hours, thanks to the high fat content. If you are out, you might see it on a menu as “fat coffee”.

There are a few variations, but the main way to make it is hot black coffee (organic if you must), with a couple of tablespoons of butter (grass fed where possible, which here in Australia is Woolworths Home Brand), a tablespoon of coconut oil added, and sweetener if you need it, and it all gets blended up together. You end up with a coffee that has a creamy layer on top, from all that great fat.

There is no blender involved when I make my version of bullet proof coffee. I must do it properly one day to see if it’s as good as people claim. But I am too lazy to blend it together. Remember, I cook myself bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning and have to get kids to school and myself to work. Anyway…….when I make mine, I simply take my hot black coffee and put two tablespoons of coconut oil in it and give it a good stir. I don’t have it regularly as I drink a lot of tea and I don’t even know if mine qualifies as bullet proof coffee but I know mine tastes good and my lips feel nice and soft afterwards from the coconut oil!

Do you need to drink bullet proof coffee?

No, you don’t. I was probably 3 months in before I tried it. I know you don’t really need to count calories when adopting an LCHF lifestyle, but I do like to keep an eye on my daily intake and BPC contains a lot of calories that I might like to get from elsewhere during the day. So if you are watching your calories and trying to keep them low, you might want to give Bullet Proof Coffee a miss. However, if you find you are always hungry, BPC could be your solution to filling you up. It’s not a “one size fits all” kind of thing.

The Real Meal Revolution cookbook I suggested you buy has a recipe for Bullet Coffee  as will as a Hot Chocolate Fat Shake that would be worth a go if you want to try it.

Go here to find some other bullet proof coffee variations, including one for hot chocolateThat one’s for you Jenna!

Make sure you come back and tell me if you’ve given it a go & if you like it or not. And let me know what else you would like me to talk about.





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