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A Day’s Food and a bit extra

on December 2, 2015

One thing I have learned from yo-yo dieting over the years is NOT to try and change too much at once. You know how it is – we decide to go on a diet, go and buy all the food we should eat on that diet and end up throwing lots of it away because it was all too hard and we didn’t eat the food before it started turning into a science experiment.

When I decided to give this LCHF way of eating a go, I started by changing what I eat for breakfast and made couple of small changes.

Here’s what I have for breakfast:

daily breakfast

Yes, that would be bacon and eggs. Fried in butter. For a while I would also have some fried mushrooms in a sauce of thickened cream and some baby spinach fried up too. Then I got lazy, but I’m thinking I will go back to it because it was yummy. Some people eat half an avocado at breakfast as well, but I’m not THAT much of a fan of avocado yet – I only eat it in small doses.

Do you remember me saying I rarely eat lunch? That’s because a filling breakfast tides me over until around 4pm. Yes, really. It took a couple of weeks for my body to recognise that I wasn’t hungry at lunch time. During those couple of weeks my lunch consisted of some shredded chicken and grated cheese on a bed of lettuce. Zap it in the microwave for in 30 second bursts and voila, I had a hot lunch in the winter months. As you know, I run a high school canteen and most of the food there is off limits on an LCHF lifestyle. I suggest you keep a bbq chook from Coles or Woolies broken up in your fridge so you can always make yourself something similar or a chicken salad. Tomatoes are great for this way of eating, I don’t add them because I don’t like them, however I do use them in cooking.

I was restless when I got home with the kids in the afternoon, looking for something to eat but not knowing what I wanted. So I grabbed a slice of cheese and a slice of chicken roll (we had some from the deli in the fridge). I took a snack of around 30 almonds to tennis and ate them all.

Dinner looked like this:

dinner 1 dec

Does that look like we are being deprived? NO!!! Ray smoked the salmon and the pork ribs here at home in his smoke box. And he made the salad with a yummy dressing. All whilst I was at tennis with the kids. The salad consists of greens like baby spinach and lettuce, cucumber, red capsicum, avocado, ginger and a smoked cheddar cheese. The dressing was made using white wine vinegar and Dijon mustard and I don’t know what else Ray put in it, but he only uses low carb stuff so I know it’s all good.

This was dinner on Sunday night, after a 40 degree day:

picky plate

That is what we call a picky plate. The capsicum is home-smoked, as is the chicken piece underneath it. The eggs and cold meats are things you recognise, there is celery filled with cream cheese, there’s a cut up twiggy stick in the middle and the sushi near the top is cream cheese, smoked salmon (from a packet this time) and cucumber wrapped in nori, no rice in it. One of Ray’s delicious creations.

Other dinner ideas are a piece of steak with vegetables like asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, eggplant, or other low carb veggies as per the list of approved foods. I love to fry some asparagus in butter, adding garlic powder, smoked paprika and thickened cream as a sauce. Simply pour the cream over the asparagus and let it bubble and reduce. It is delicious! You can also use it as a sauce in a veggie bake.


Today my macros ended up like this:

Carbs 14 grams (4% against a target of 5%)

Fat 92 grams (62% against a target of 70%)

Protein 110 grams (33% against a target of 25%)

Calories 1406 consumed (against a target of 1500)

That’s close enough for me!

If you are making or planning on making changes to how you are eating, make sure you tell me how you are finding it and keep me updated on any weight loss!






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