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on December 1, 2015

Okay, so hopefully you’ve done some Googling or been out & bought the cookbook I told you about yesterday or browsed the Facebook groups I included links to.

If so, you will have some idea of the list of foods that can be eaten plentifully on an LCHF eating plan. Whilst I think of it, you will see and hear the word Banting – it is the same as LCHF – the terminology is interchangeable. It can also be referred to as ketogenic living.

I’ve been asked if I track my macros. Yes I do. Hang on, what are macros? Macro-nutrients. There are three of them – carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If you track these your calories will take care of themselves. How do you track them? I use the free My Fitness Pal app & by logging everything I eat it tracks them for me. Winning! I do keep an eye on my calories but don’t want to get fanatical about them. I have had a couple of people in the early weeks suggest that the reason I was losing weight was because I was cutting calories by not eating lunch. They were wrong. The foods I eat have lots of calories and I was easily chowing through well over 1200 calories a day, which is what diets are usually set at. I had my app set to around 1800 calories and regularly got right up there. Because butter and cream contain lots of calories. They also contain lots of fat, which fills you up.

This link is to a webpage I found this evening that explains macros fairly basically, which I the way I need it! It’s American, but the information is common to Australia. So go here to have a look at it.

So how many grams of carbs, fats and proteins do you need to consume? (What are your macros?) Now, you can go all gung-ho here & follow this chart, which tells me that for my height (163-164cm) I should eat at least 94g of protein, no more than 23 carb grams, consume 70-164 fat grams and have a calorie range from 1103 – 1948 calories daily. Or you can play around with your My Fitness Pal app and change the setting so your calories read whatever number you want to aim for within your range and adjust your nutrient % settings so you are not left in the default settings. My macros are: carbohydrates 5%, fat 70% and protein 25%, which means that 5% of my calories each day should come from carbohydrates, and so on. I try to keep my carb grams below 20 – most days I make it, some days I don’t. You can set a weight loss goal of how much you would like to lose in a week & MFP (My Fitness Pal) will set your calories for you but you still have to play around with your % settings for your macros. Most days I hit my target, some days I don’t. As long as I am in the ballpark I am happy. I recommend you just get on the app & play around and see what it spits out when you put in different figures & then choose which one is workable for you! If you don’t lose weight, reduce it a bit. See. What. Works. For. You.

Today (I am writing this at night & scheduling it go live in the morning) this is how my macros have ended up (so far). I haven’t eaten enough for dinner so these may change if I decide to have a snack. I had 2 sausages at a scouts bbq & didn’t eat the bread & I am still hungry as I simply didn’t eat enough & didn’t have a high fat element to my meal to fill me up.


Totals 1,326 8 109 79 4,336 2
Your Daily Goal 1,500 19 117 94 2,300 45
Remaining 174 11 8 14 -2,035 42
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar

This table shows that I have eaten 1326 calories, 8 carb grams, 109 fat grams and 79 protein grams and I still have more of each available to eat if I choose. I ignore the sodium column & glance at the sugar column just to confirm I haven’t had much of it. Which I can’t if my carbs are low. Sugars are carbs yet not all carbs are sugars, so if I keep my carbs low my sugars have to be low. If I eat lots of sugar than my carbs would be high. When I take my totals for today and compare them to the macro chart, I can see that my calories, fat and carbs are within range & I should eat some more protein today. That’s if I was to follow the chart to the letter, which I don’t. I only eat if I am hungry & by following that simple rule my macros are travelling okay thank you very much. The scales are proof of that.

So the fat and protein are what fills you up. Carbs make you hungry. Try it out. Have bacon & eggs & toast for breakfast one day & take note of what time you get hungry again. Now try it without the toast, just have the bacon & eggs and it should be later than you feel hungry.

The other thing I need to mention at this stage is that low fat/reduced fat foods are OUT! You need full fat when eating LCHF. Why? Because it fills you up. Carbs + full fat = fat person. Low carbs + full fat = slim person.

I think I’ve written enough of an essay for now. Back with some more stuff tomorrow. Remember to ask me questions!





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