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Gardens with Greenery

on March 26, 2015

It’s one thing to build and move into a brand new house. Clean walls, windows, tiles, carpets, ceilings, bathrooms, everything. It’s another thing, however, to get the outside completed.

TV Aerial – check.

Driveway – check.

Path – check.

Clothesline (by hubby) – check.

Soil deliveries – check.

Turf – check.

Retaining wall (DIY by hubby) – check.

Fencing – check.

Concrete out the back – check.

Drainage out the back (by hubby) – check.

Gardens – started, again by hubby.

Second retaining wall – on the list.

Shed for hubby – on the list.

Pergola roof / shelter for out the back – on the list.

The timing of us moving in was excellent – hubby started shiftwork this year, which means contrary to what you would think, we actually see more of him now. It does involve some weekend work but he gets days off during the week.

Perfect for when tradesmen are available. Perfect for him to work undisturbed, without having to worry about the time or having to be anywhere or having to take the kids anywhere.

He has spent many of his days off working in the yard – laying turf. building walls, shifting soil, trips to and from the hardware store, building gardens, the list goes on. And he is doing a fabulous job. I am super proud of him, able to turn his hand to any project.

Here are a couple of snaps!

1. Part of the retaining wall that Ray built for a fraction of the price that was quoted to us.

rear retaining wall before drainage

2. Garden across the front, from garage to porch.

garden across front

3. Garden that will grow to a small hedge next to the boundary.

hedge garden from front

That’s where we are up to. And looking forward to having lots of house guests over the upcoming school holidays! Friends and family who haven’t seen the finished product yet. Can’t wait!

Back with more when there’s more to tell.



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