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Because if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.

on March 20, 2015

Today was a good day. Even in the midst of this I don’t know what it is mood I’m, I can still recognise that.

It started as a gorgeous day, we even hit 35 degrees, very hot. Work was going great, even the revised times for the day was not going to upset my apple cart & I had two (two, I say) fabulous volunteers helping me in the canteen. Sweet!

Fast forward a couple of hours,

One fridge deposited a puddle on the floor. Clean it up & decide to see how it is tomorrow before rushing in to call a repairman from the company who owns it. (Bek, you guys will have to come up- I need John for this job!).

Second fridge not operating at acceptable temperature- stock loss, including the extra stock that I’d planned ahead and bought this morning so I wouldn’t have to shop tomorrow. That’s what I get for being organised. Now I have to shop tomorrow.

Running very late. Phone call to primary school so daughter doesn’t catch the bus as I won’t be home to meet her. High school son can travel with me. No point making I’m catch the bus if we’re leaving at the same time. Two happy kids coming home in the car on a hot day.

Stop at butcher to buy meat for dinner, getting the kids to help choose what to have. Later, when I’m cooking it, both of them ask what’s for dinner. Proof they ask the question out of habit.

I couldn’t post this last night as I couldn’t get the words right. Now it’s the next morning & a whole new day (in which I know I will be tripping over fridge mechanics whilst I am trying to work) & I’m feeling a lot better. It really is trivial stuff in the grand scheme of life (except the fridge issue- that’s important) but some days I’ve simply had enough.

Go to make daughter’s bed with freshly washed sheets that had been through the dryer- still damp. Find another set & tell the culprit off.

Find bath towel in daughter’s pyjama drawer- what? Who does that? Tell her off.

Kids’ stuff around the place- homework here, lip balm there, hand held games in what sometimes seems like everywhere except the box they belong in. Tell them off. Pack them up kids! Put away your stuff!!

Keep going with washing. Manage to jam my finger in the door that our house builders are booked in to come and fix. That’s it! I can’t take any more! The tears started and I decided to take myself off to bed. (My finger is quite okay today, no damage done).

Until I looked at the stovetop & noticed that whoever cleaned the kitchen tonight didn’t clean it and it was covered in solidified fat splats from the sausages I’d cooked for dinner.


Cleaned it, went to bed, knowing today will be better.

You? How was your yesterday?



One response to “Because if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.

  1. Jenni Purdey says:

    Karen, you poor thing. You have my commiserations ‘cos I know what you’ve been through. I recently had 2 weeks rec leave . Great, I think to myself, two weeks for me, to do what I want to do AND I told Noel that’s what I was going to do. Day 1 of rec leave I’m at home waiting for not one but two different plumbers to arrive to fix a leaky toilet, leaky because Noel fell against the wall hung bowl and knocked something askew inside the wall, unblock a dishwasher and install a new hot water service. That’s okay, I’ve still got 9 days left. No, it was not to be, Noel then informs me that he’s asked out kitchen cupboard installer to come back and shorten the doors to the laundry cupboard (they weren’t taken into account when we had curtains WITH pelmet hung). When did they arrive, the last day of my rec leave. I don’t think the universe likes us being organised……

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