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Potions, Pills, Protein Powders…….I must be missing something.

on March 18, 2015

Many of you know that I have an interest in nutrition and want to study something along these lines before I am old enough to retire from the workforce.

So I read and half read lots of stuff online and am a fan of way too many Facebook pages that relate to the latest health ideas. Eat sugar not artificial sweeteners, use gluten free, coconut or besan flour instead of regular, avoid dairy and use coconut or almond milk instead, full fat vs low fat, eat fruit, don’t eat fruit, go grain and dairy free, using nut products instead, it’s all out there with each page’s owner sharing how the way they eat has improved their health. It’s all out there, confusing the pants off me.

Then there is the other stuff. So many potions and pills that are promoted as being able to restore our health, re-balance us, preventatives, sometimes even cures. And what is the go with protein powder?

Yes I’ve tried some potions, pills and proteins powders and they are not for me. Others swear by them and that’s okay. Whatever works.

I tried a hormone balancing cream and it make me cranky and I broke out in a rash. The whizz bang potion that gives everyone a burst of energy because it gives our bodies the vital minerals we are lacking – nah, I didn’t feel it. And pills/tablets are wasted on me – I can’t even remember to give the kids a daily vitamin tablet over the winter months let alone remember to take something for myself.

I keep returning to the thinking that we must be able to get what we need from our food. I don’t think potions, pills and protein powders are the answer. I have nothing to back that up with, I can only speak of my own experience. I’m not talking about antibiotics – they are completely different.

I hear a lot about bone broth – that’s just good old fashioned soup made from meat still on the bone. Just like our parents and grandparents used to make. People take fish oil tablets – go back to having fish for dinner on Fridays. Jut like our parents and grandparents used to. Simple dinners made from scratch, before things got fancy with packets. The way our parents and grandparents used to do it. That’s so blasphemous of me to say – everyone knows how much of a foodie I am. But surely if we just eat right, we won’t need all these supplements and modern fad ways of eating.

Just. Eat. Real. Food. It’s worth a try in my book!

What do you reckon?



2 responses to “Potions, Pills, Protein Powders…….I must be missing something.

  1. Jenni Purdey says:

    I couldn’t agree more Karen. It all boils down to real and healthy food and some exercise. That’s all I did 25 kilo’s ago. No pills, diet supplements, potions, pills and protein powders. Great to read your page again

  2. Katrina says:

    I love this Karen. I am very similar to you and agree that we just need to eat real food.

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