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Recent House Stuff

on February 15, 2015

The finishing touches on our house are coming together. Hubby Ray is on a new work schedule this year, shift work. Which is not foreign to us; he has done shift work with two companies he has previously worked for. His hours and days are a bit more family friendly now and he has time off during the week, which is perfect now that we are in our house and trying to finish off.

One day I went to work and the front door looked like this:

front door pre screen

And the front yard looked like this:

from driveway pre turf

When I came home our place looked like this:

view from front on turf and door day

maion sliding door

Turf! Which had been delayed by rain. And screen doors – three sliding and one at the front door. How we have missed having screen doors!

The much needed rain has been coming on Ray’s days off, so we are still waiting for our concrete slabs out the back to happen. However it held off when the turf arrived and he had to lay it in 35 degree heat. There is more turfing to be done once the concreting has finished – hopefully the weather won’t be as hot by then.

Ray’s also been building retaining walls in the hot weather. DIY quickly became the preferred option when the quote came in at the price of a family sized car. I’ll have pictures once the concreting has been done.

And that’s a quick run down of where we are up to house-wise. The year has started at a cracking pace, just like every other household. Before we catch up with one month we are onto the next one.

Back with more when there’s more to talk about.



One response to “Recent House Stuff

  1. OH wow what a man in a million – he did a fantastic job of laying the grass and putting on the screen doors.
    Its all coming together, how exciting for you….Love the way your house is putting together its finishing touches.
    Sure hope the weather is more friendly when he has to lay more turf.
    Looking like a home xxx

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