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Christmas Lights

on January 8, 2015

Ha! You thought the Christmas season was over didn’t you?!

I took the younger kids to Hunter Valley Gardens last night to check out their Christmas light display. We go each Christmas season and I was pleased to see that there were lots of new displays this time and we weren’t simply seeing last year’s ones all over again. Although our favourites were still there, yay! We sometimes go in winter too, when they have man made snow to play in, an ice skating rink and lots of wintery fun. Each season they have something special and every time we go there we see something that we didn’t notice before.

It’s amazing how some songs are universal. There is a “Twelve Days of Christmas” display, which lights up each day as it is sung about (I have Day 1 & 2 in the photos below) and almost every person who walks through that display is singing along, regardless of their nationality. You hear them speaking in their own language and all of a sudden they are singing away in English to a song we all seem to know. It’s wonderful, a great atmosphere.

Now that the busy part of Christmas is over, they also have giant bugs displayed throughout the grounds. An extra something to entice people to come.

Of course I took lots of photos, but tried not to take too many and tried not to take the same as I have every time we go, like the Humpty Dumpty ones….

So here we go. No commentary, I’ve rambled enough. Simply enjoy them.

In Grandmothers Garden beautiful rose balancing a table on his chin kids with marty holding humpty up pretty lights who put the rum in the coconuts alice in wonderland lights two turtle doves & a partridge in a pear tree sydnet harbour HVG style ferris wheel - we went on that relaxing on a caterpillar giant spider

Yes, we went on that ferris wheel. Two out of the three of us are scared of heights so we decided to challenge that fear. We held onto the pole in the middle of our carriage the whole time, unable to lean back into our seat and relax. But we did it! I found that by focusing on the lights below rather than the brilliant views that went for ever, I was able to feel a little bit comfortable by the end of the ride and by then was able to have a better look at the views. I have no idea how many metres up in the air we were. Gosh, I don’t even go up ladders.

On the way home, I ran over the tail of a kangaroo that was sitting on side of the road. I was lucky he or she wasn’t hopping across or even facing the other direction as there was very little time to react and a car coming the other way – (11pm in the country – who would believe it) or else it could have been a nasty accident. I was on high alert as I thought had seen a shape hop across the road about half an hour earlier, but it still takes you by surprise when you only have a couple of metres to react. And we’ve had two cars written off in the last 18 months, I don’t think our insurance company would appreciate another one. I don’t think our bank account would either.

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to, apart from daily swimming at the local pool, the only way to cool off in our hot summer. And apart from continuing with house stuff. I’ve been trying for two days to register all our appliance warranties online and what a drama, I tell you. Serial numbers are being rejected as invalid the one company’s website so I’ve emailed them photos of the plaque on each appliance so hopefully they can sort that out. I’ve always been a form filler outer (yes of course there is such a term) but the rebate form for the solar hot water system is a major headache because we need more than just the model and serial numbers and we don’t have the extra info and also the builder / installer has to sign the form. So of course I’ve emailed our consultant at Metricon to find out who should be signing it at their end.

But anyway, if everything went smoothly life would be boring, right? But I would like to get to the bottom of this big pile of paperwork I have. One day.

Catch you later,



2 responses to “Christmas Lights

  1. Jacana says:

    I visited these gardens last year on my trip through NSW. I though they were amazing. Now I wish I could see them at Christmas.

  2. Wow what a magical Christmas Lights Display…never realised that the Hunter Valley Gardens have a display, the winter ones sounds magical.
    So glad you didn’t hit the roo…..and Paper work – I am so bad at that stuff, never ever have I filled out for our appliances warranty – I know, I know….so slack of me!!
    Hope your paperwork pile goes down…mine keeps getting bigger lately!

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