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Frustrating phone calls

on December 19, 2014

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the last few days chasing up the bank and the phone company.

And I keep missing their calls when they ring me back because either I am driving or I am busy & don’t get to the phone before it goes to voicemail. One of them leaves a message that is so quiet it can’t be understood & I have to ring that number back to get a recorded message telling me that number is no longer in use & I have to ring the general number instead. Neither of them leave a number that lets me contact the person who rang me.

I am still moving house. I have no home phone yet so I am paying mobile phone rates to return these calls. Everyone knows the wait on hold can be up to 30 minutes. I don’t have that time to wait. I have to go & clean the house we moved out of. I have to go to a particular shop half an hour away. I have to be back to meet the carpet cleaner. I have children on school holidays wanting who are sick of me being stuck on the phone & not being able to give them much attention. Moving is a stress for them too. They need a bit of extra care right now.

I simply do not have the time to be chasing these companies & I am certainly not happy about how much the calls will be costing me. When I rang Telstra back, I had to go through a “press 1 to confirm this, Press 2 to confirm this” – a 5 minute process (on my mobile) to confirm something that I spoke to them about yesterday & they had already sent me a text to confirm. A waste of time and money.

Anyway, that is my rant this morning. On a positive note, the blinds company just rang to say the rest of our blinds have arrived & the director will be coming to install them on Tuesday. So by Christmas that will be two things that will have fallen into place.

But for now, I’m off to that shop half an hour away. Wish me luck!



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