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Driveway – check! Blinds…..ho hum.

on December 10, 2014

Finally we had a break in the wet weather. A break that was long enough for our driveway to be poured. Yippee!!

Still waiting on the blinds. Apparently with the company trying to get everyone’s blinds ready before Christmas, the factory now has a 12 day delay. Which means our blinds won’t be installed this week, at the moment they are looking at late next week, but I haven’t been guaranteed this.

Which means we may not be in before Christmas, which is a major let down, when we’ve had the keys for nearly a month. Time is ticking. We could move in now but it means we would have to put sheets or blankets on the windows, something we were hoping to avoid. If we don’t move this weekend, the delay in the blinds will cost us extra rent. Not. Happy. Jan.

Anyway, let’s focus on the positive. Now that the driveway is done we can start work on the front yard. We need turf in the near future. The kids are looking forward to hopefully playing football out it. I am looking forward to them playing outside with the neighourhood kids.

Here’s how it looks today, taken from front porch – a path to the driveway so we can get from the house to the car and back without the reactive soil clinging to our shoes. Another day or so and we’ll be able to walk on it!

Driveway poured today.

Back with more when I have something to say,



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