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Snippets from the last 10 days.

on November 29, 2014

What’s happened in the last 10 days?

Lots of stuff, not much stuff, just the life that is ours.

We were given the keys to our new house, as I talked about in my last post. Even though you get the keys, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the house is ready to move into. There is the interim occupation certificate to be obtained, but we need the crossover part of the driveway done before we can obtain that. The quotes are in and the entire driveway is booked in to be done. In a colour that matches the roof, not just plain concrete. We have satisfied the other requirements, to the best of our knowledge.

We have a tv aerial on the roof. We have two gas bottles so we can cook on our stovetop. My mother in law was in town last weekend and let me tell you that she did a marvellous of cleaning the bench tops and mopping the floor after I vacuumed it. It took a long time, it is a looooong (wide) house. That construction dust is everywhere!

Apart from packing boxes, the next thing on my list is to contact Telstra to get the phone line installed. The phone point is there inside the house, we just need to get it connected to the outside and then arrange to move our existing phone number across.  Ray’s job is to take care of the outside stuff like the driveway, soil, turf, retaining walls, clothes line (he knows which one I’m after). It comes down to which of us has the time to make the necessary phone calls. I will take care of the change of address stuff. And I will make the payment transfers to everywhere.  Because we are sexist – some jobs are blokes’ jobs and some are women’s jobs. It’s quite simple really – he knows more about the outside stuff than I do and I know more about the day to day functioning of the household than he does. You may have a different system in your household, but our system works for us.

Of course, the house has not consumed our entire week.

We celebrated Mr 12’s Confirmation. That means he was confirmed as an adult in the Catholic Church and received the Holy Spirit and its gifts – wisdom, understanding and good judgement, among others.

From my canteen at work, I was in the prime spot to watch a couple of marquees being erected for a fundraising dinner for NRL player Alex McKinnon, who attended the school I work at, and suffered a severe spinal injury in a rugby league game earlier this year and is currently wheelchair bound.

Here are some pics form the week:

1. Plasterwork has been patched up – the painter should be back in the coming week.

patched up plaster, painter to come

2. TV aerial has been installed.

tv antenna

3. Our temporary path out the back door.

my temporary path at the exit from the big sliding door

4. The books are packed!

the books are packed

5. A couple of things in my new pantry.

stuff in the pantry

6. The chandelier has been moved from the toilet to Missy’s room.

Megan's chandalier

7. Our first bit of junk mail!

our first bit of junkmail

8. Liam on the morning of his Confirmation.

Liam confirmation

9. My view at breakfast.

my breakkie view with Oma here

10. Watching the marquees being erected.

marquees 1

11. Getting ready for a huge fundraising dinner, with scorching temperatures on the big day.

marquees 2

Back when I get a chance.



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