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Then something exciting happened.

on November 18, 2014

Keys. Yes, KEYS!!!!!!!

Handover of our new house happened this afternoon.

1. See this? It’s ours! That’s pretty exciting. Exactly 5 months since soil was turned.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Keys and garage door controllers.


3. The move has started. But I think we need to be a bit faster than one box a day.

storing it there because we can!

4. This is what’s in the box – Royal Doulton Champagne Flutes, a gift from Metricon Homes.

Royal Doulton Flutes gift from Metricon

To satisfy the council for our interim occupation certificate, we need to get the crossover section of the driveway done, which means we can’t move in until then. But as I said before, there’s no point getting the concretor to come twice, we’ll get the whole driveway done in one go. Just as soon as we get all the quotes in and see who can do it in the near future.

We put a letterbox in place over the weekend, satisfying the requirement of the house number being displayed. It’s just a cheapie until we decide what we would like as our permanent letterbox. We might use up some of the spare bricks to build one. Who knows. But for now, there is a letterbox and a house number. It will do the job.

Now is where spending for finishing off begins. Fencing, retaining walls (DIY is looking pretty attractive for this based on the quote we were given), soil, turf, more concrete, decking (or whatever we decide to put out the back), screen doors, tv aerial and goodness knows what else!

But for now, there is packing to be done.

Will be back when there is something else to share.



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