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Waiting, waiting.

on November 14, 2014

Playing the waiting game.

Waiting for quotes to come back from the concretors. Yes, still waiting. I have this evening asked around and obtained phone numbers of two more, so the first two had better be quick or they will miss out on the job. We made it clear to them that there will be future work too, when we put a shed up in the not too distant future. We can’t get the interim occupation certificate until the council section of the driveway is done. It’s easy enough to whip up a makeshift letterbox with a house number on it until we decide what we want as a permanent one, but we can’t whip up a driveway ourselves. So chaps who have been to our site, pull your finger out and get your quote in so we can get it done! You are holding us up. I have the final cheque from the bank, we are ready.

The blinds are ordered. The finial has been secured above the entry, that’s that decorative piece that looked like a table leg before it was painted. The gas system has been tested and approved. The electricity is connected.

I haven’t taken pics for a little while because there’s not much to change at this completion stage, but here are some I took in the last few days.

1. Not so daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Finial finally up above entry. No that’s not a blurry pic, you’ve just had too many Friday night drinks lol!

finial above door

And that’s where we are up to. Just waiting. But every day we wait brings us a day closer to handover.

Back with something sometime!



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