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Getting quotes

on November 10, 2014

We’ve been organising quotes for various bits of work that need to be done around our new place. Blinds, concreting, and landscaping (meaning retaining walls).

The blinds appear to have been decided. I just have to check the quote and pay the deposit. Our site supervisor has allowed two companies to attend the house to measure up, something we greatly appreciate, as he doesn’t have to do that.

Awaiting quotes from the concreting guys.

The quote from the landscaper was so high it was laughable. Did he just quote really really high because he may not really want the job? Seriously, it was gobsmacking. If that’s how much retaining walls cost, then blimey, forget about anything else being done around the place! Luckily it’s not work that needs to be done for us to get the interim occupation certificate, as this now buys us more time to get other quotes.

Our site supervisor is expecting the bank to send out a valuer, he’s waiting for them to call him to organise that. He must spend a lot of time going back and forth at this stage, to allow people in. He has our keys and handover paperwork, we are just waiting for everything to be finalised before the house becomes ours.

So one day soon, it will be ours.



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