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Weekends go fast.

on November 9, 2014

Another weekend has passed us by. Another weekend that is bringing us closer to moving into our new house. Not that we have a moving date yet, that will come when it comes. We are far too busy over the next few weeks to move anyway.

This weekend we got to meet our current landlord. I should say landlady, because it’s a woman. But I am not big on political correctness, I am more traditional, so am happy with the term landlord. She doesn’t live locally an had asked if she would be able to have a look through the house whilst she was in the area. She sure can, as long as she doesn’t mind seeing windows that need cleaning as I didn’t want to do them now and then again in a few weeks when we move out. But she wasn’t here to check on us as tenants, she was here to see what upkeep needs doing to the house in the near future. Like if she needs to replace some blinds and the carpet, which are the originals and 25 years old. We think the carpets have another tenancy in them, but how good would it be if she said she was going to rip them up – we wouldn’t have to get them cleaned when we move! Yeah, no such luck. I told her we would get them cleaned and she didn’t tell me not to. Drats. My tip to her however, was to consider adding a weather strip to the base of the front screen door as there is quite a gap there, which allows blue tongue lizards to get inside. And the occasional mouse. It turns out the original screen door has been replaced and the second one was hung in a slightly different position, resulting in the gap. Future tenants might not be as comfortable with the local wildlife.

A few pics of other weekend stuff:

1. It’s neither centered nor straight, but the environment badge is sewn on!

joeys enviro badge

2. Jacarandas, the blooms of the season. A sea of purple around every corner. Beautiful.


3. Daddy started packing books into boxes, now the bookshelf is a great cubby house for reading.

extreme reading

4. Potential colour of potential blinds in our new place. (Had to have something new house related!)

potential colour for verticals

5. Potential colour of some more potential blinds in our new place. One of the things that was doing my head in the other day.

potential aluminium venetians

I took the kids to the pool today, which was my first swim for the season. The water was very cold. I didn’t do laps as I was playing with the kids, but it’s amazing how tiring a play in the pool is. It must be good for me!

Catch you later with whatever I have to talk about.



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