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A different kind of brick

on November 5, 2014

This ramble is not about our house build, it’s about a Lego brick display I took the kids to on the weekend.

It was hosted by the Scout group a couple of towns over. Our younger son is a Lego enthusiast and our daughter is in the first stage of Scouts, so there wasn’t really a decision to be made about attending. Lego is a timeless toy, adults were enjoying the display just as much as kids were. I overheard several Dads saying “I had that one when I was a kid”. I can already hear our Liam saying those words to his own son in about 20 years. Liam would love a whole room in our new place dedicated to his Lego collection. I told him that when he pays for his own house, he can display his Lego in as many rooms as he wants!

Some pics, not sharing any containing other people’s children because I don’t know if they want their children being shared online or not.

Ninja Turtles Snow White & Seven Dwarfs Mario Santas having a chat city of lego stadium The Simpsons Mining Truck It's almost as old as me! Pokemon stuff Star Wars Girly section

And that was a piece of our weekend.

Catch you later,


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