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Practically Completed

on November 4, 2014

A pretty special email landed in my inbox today to advise us that our house has reached what it called practical completion. It is practically complete.

For those who haven’t built before, there exists an Interim Occupation Certificate and a Final Occupation Certificate. Basically, the interim one is so the owners can move in and the final one less urgent as it’s really so a house can be sold at a later date.

So to get our Interim Occupation Certificate we need to ensure we have complying signage in relation to the water tank, put our house number up (we might as well get a letterbox at the same time), and get the first bit of the driveway constructed – where it meets the road, you know the bit that is on the council strip and they can rip it up whenever they want yet we have to pay for it? Yeah, that bit. We don’t have to do the whole driveway, just that bit, but we’ll probably do the whole driveway anyway, plus a path from it to the front porch.

We have to insure the house – check. We have to sign the authorisation and take it to the bank for the final payment – where did I leave that pen?

It turns out the retaining wall doesn’t need to be done as part of the interim certificate, just the final, but it will be a high priority as it’s along the boundary & we’re pretty sure that neighbour will be chasing us about a fence as soon as we move in as he approached us about it awhile back. But we needed to not have a fence on that side whilst construction was happening. So we’ll have to tie in getting the retaining wall done in conjunction with the fence. All possible, we just haven’t decided on what type of retaining wall yet.

Practical Completion also means that those few fiddly fix ups have been done. The gap at the air conditioning vent has been filled. I couldn’t see the air con return where the paint has cracked, so don’t know if that’s been done, but I would assume yes. If not, we won’t hand over the cheque for the final payment until it has been done. The final payment had to be made by bank cheque rather than bank to bank as preferred for the progress payments. I can see this is to protect both parties. We are not paying without receiving the keys and they are not handing over the keys without receiving payment.

The rest of the appliances went in today. The electricians were meant to be back to connect the meter and the power but until we get inside we won’t know, but it was our site supervisor who told us they were booked in for today so I’m sure he was right. I’m still waiting to hear from the gas company regarding bottles. What’s the point of them having an online enquiry form if they don’t follow up my enquiry? I’ll have to find the time to ring them I suppose, but that will be a few days away. Lucky we don’t need them this week!

I took a couple of photos from outside.

1. Range hood, we chose the glass option.


2. Repaired gap around the vent – can’t even see the repair – just the way it should be!

repaired air con vent

3. Microwave oven in place.

microwave & dishwasher

4. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

Back when there is more to tell!



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