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Official Walk Through – Check!

on October 31, 2014

This afternoon we had our official walk through of our house with our site supervisor.

There are only a few niggly things to be completed or fixed (most he knew about and and already has booked in to be done) and he estimates it will be ready for handover in about a week. Usually two weeks are allowed at this stage of construction but there is  so little to be done that it will probably be sooner. Which doesn’t necessarily mean we get to move in then. We have to wait for our final invoice from Metricon’s accounts department and then it takes 7-10 working days for the bank to process that final payment. In the meantime we need to take out insurance on the house and send a copy of the insurance certificate to the bank along with the final payment request.

We are very happy with the house and how fast the construction has gone. The contract allows until 30 December for completion. I know they allow heaps of extra time to allow for possible delays like delivery problems and wet weather, however our house is being completed in 4 & 1/2 months with only 2 days lost for weather. Funnily enough, our site supervisor’s computer (computer says no) indicates that he is one day over in production.

There is a handover pack that we will go through with our site supervisor when it is time, which includes everything we need to know.

Appliances are being installed on Monday and the windows and sliding doors are being serviced so they have the correct alignment. They will also fix that bit of seal around the garage window that became loose almost immediately after installation.

He has made note of the gap where the air conditioning vent meets the ceiling in the rumpus room so that arrangements can be made to have it fixed. There is a little bit more cleaning to be done and one or two touch ups in the paintwork where it is a little bit scratchy. But I am talking little.  We asked if we were being too picky, but he wrote them all down (electronically – there is no pen and paper), so they’ve been taken on board. But the place is looking great and it will be good to be in there with all our stuff to cancel out the echo!

Dad arrived safely this afternoon in the 39 degree heat to spend the weekend with us, thank goodness for air conditioning. Last year he was here in December and neither of the air conditioning systems was working in this rental (air conditioners don’t like us). Thankfully the landlords have been prompt in getting things fixed. This trip he can be comfortable. because you can’t have a 76 year old man overheating. Anyway, where I am going with this is that he was keen to have a look at the house prior to completion – the last time he was here was in July and it was just a concrete slab. It is great to have him come and stay, even if it is for just a couple of nights.

I have no photos to share this evening. I didn’t take any. I was too busy oohing and aahing as getting excited about my pantry shelves. I think I have probably taken every photo I possibly could during the last few months anyway, so i wouldn’t be showing you anything new. I’ll take some more when the opportunity is there. And of course I will share them!



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