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Clean and tidy

on October 27, 2014

The cleaners have certainly made their way through the house, getting it ready for the rapidly approaching finish line.

At this stage, there’s not much more to share as not much is happening that is obvious. It’s more a case of the “i”s being dotted and the “t”s being crossed. Getting all those fiddly bits that our site supervisor knows need to be done, things that I wouldn’t even know about.

We’re still waiting for the pantry shelves to be installed. They shouldn’t be much longer. And the finial needs to be fixed onto the decorative piece above the front door.

We’ve authorised the electrical company to go ahead with the meter installation and connection. That will take up to 12 working days and we won’t know it’s been done until we go and turn on the switch in the meter box. Or something like that. That’s Ray’s department, I simply put the payment through.

Here are some photos I took today.

1. Kitchen, nice and pretty.

Kitchen pic

2. Back of house.

back of house

3. Daily pic from across the road.

front of house

4. Looking through the front door out to the back yard.

throught front door to Liam out the back

5. Front door has been cleaned up, no more stain marks on the glass panels.

front door has been cleaned, no more stain marks on the glass

Anyways, it’s getting closer and closer to becoming ours. Back with more when there’s more to tell.



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