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Shoo fly, don’t bother me.

on October 24, 2014

Our fly screens were installed today. They did such a good job that I didn’t even realise until I took a photo and was trying to work out what the lines on it were. Der me. Maybe it’s because I was busy chatting with the cleaning lady at the time and not really paying attention to what I was doing. Yes, that must have been it. Absolutely yes.

I really feel the frustration of the cleaning lady. She’s busting a gut to get the place spic and span by Monday and all these people turn up to do jobs, like the carpet layer, the painter, the tiler and then me. Although I did ask before I went inside if I would be undoing her already completed hard work. She had mopped but said she had to do it again anyway, so she was fine with me going in and having a look around. It smells lovely and new. Zac said it smells like paint.

I noticed the finial (remember that piece of wood that looks like a table leg?) has been painted. It’s now basalt, to match the roof. I had obviously forgotten what colour it was going to be – I chose the colour when we selected our external colours in December last year. I assumed recently that it would be the same colour as the front door, but we must have chosen the same as the roof. At this stage, I am too lazy to look it up (I have a mountain on paperwork that relates to the house construction) but I vaguely remember being told that it would be painted, not stained. And I was talking to a colour consultant at the time – there were a few things where I asked “if it were you, what would you choose?”. So they will have done it right.

Quote received today from the electrical company for supply, installation and connection of electrical meter. It looks fine, Ray used to charge more than that when he did them, so we are happy to go with them. Funnily enough, our neighbour where we live now in the rental is an electrician (who came to fix our stove top and oven today as he is the repairer approved by our landlord) but he is not Level 2, meaning he isn’t authorised to do meter installations, otherwise we would have had him do it and buy local, so to speak. And the local chap who is, is all but retired, so we’d have to get someone from out of town, so we might as well go with the company who knows our new place from doing all the wiring on it already.

Here are some of the pics I took today.

1. What on earth is in the way? Oh look, it’s a fly screen. Yay! Liam’s room.

ooh, a flyscreen

2. Peek a boo, I see you me. Liam’s room with my reflection.

peek a boo me, reflection

3. Taken from the ensuite for a different angle – looking past the walk in robe, through the master bedroom, to the open front door and the sitting room past the front door.

from ensuite towards front door

4. From the master bedroom double doors to the sitting room, with the hallway to the bedrooms and rumpus room in the background.

entrance to sitting room and hallway

5. View from the alcove window into the back yard. That dirt will be used in whatever landscaping we decide to do.

view from alcove

6. Kitchen, from the family room – the upper cupboards are almost the same colour as the walls – what a good match! It’s all very beige. It will be good to get in there and add our personal touches to it.

family room to kitchen

7. Hallway, taken from the window on the western wall of the house,

from western window along the hallway

8. Daily pic from across the road.

daily pic from across the road

Goodness knows what I will be back with next week. Oh, the finial in place and the pantry shelves installed (they are still on their way), but I don’t know what else. I forgot to check the bathroom tile where the hole for the controller was cut too big, as the cleaning lady’s assistant was working in there and I was distracted by saying hello and being friendly and forgot all about checking the tile. but if the tiler has been there, I would say it has been fixed.

Catch you then!



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