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The porch is painted

on October 23, 2014

Yay! Finally the ceiling of our front porch has been painted. The painter was still there but on the phone when I stopped by this afternoon.

I didn’t go inside. It was 30 odd degrees outside at the time and the kids had just finished sport at school so they were in a hurry to get home and cool down.

I noticed a couple of power point covers had been removed but don’t know if that is painting related or electrical related. Either way, somebody walked dirt onto our nice new carpet! Lucky it was dry dirt, not mud so it will be easily cleaned up in the final clean before handover to us.

The stove top in the house we are renting blew up this evening, with bangs and sparks. So that needs replacing. And the oven is on the same circuit, so that’s not working either. We don’t have the fuse that needs replacing in the meter box as a result, so we can’t get the oven back up and running. I’m looking forward to having a nice new stove top and oven at our new place! This place really needs a new kitchen, but there’s only so much a landlord can do. Especially because they know we are moving out in a few weeks, so this is really bad timing. The bathrooms were only a couple of years old, so it’s not like they have never spent any money on the place. And they sent someone to fix the ducted air conditioning last summer. I don’t think we’ve even used it since then, apart from to test it was working. Anyway, I’ve emailed an urgent maintenance request, so I expect to get a call from the property manager tomorrow.

Not many pics today. As I said, we were in a hurry. And with the bulk of the work already completed, there are not many changes to photograph these days.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Painted porch ceiling! Looking very schmick.

Painted porch ceiling

3. Who walked dirt on our lovely new carpet????? Someone who had to take the light switch apart.

somebody walked dirt onto our new carpet

4. Power point pulled apart in the ensuite. I suspect the paint needed touching up in these spots.

don't know what's going on here

Back with something, I don’t know what, tomorrow.



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