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Carpets and clean windows

on October 22, 2014

The carpets were laid today and I’m thrilled to say we chose well and they look fabulous!

The cleaning lady was there cleaning the windows, just a portion of what’s on her list to do. I wouldn’t like her job. That’s not rubbishing cleaners, it’s good honest work, hard work. I take my hat off to her. I don’t think I could physically cope with the demands of doing her job each day.

The painters are due back tomorrow and there was a work order on the island bench giving them instructions on what to do with the piece of timber that looks like a table leg. I was wondering how a table leg made its way to our house, but I figured it was there for a purpose. Just quietly, it’s not actually a table leg, it’s a finial.

According to Wikipedia:

  • A finial is an element marking the top or end of some object, often formed to be a decorative feature.
    It’s the decorative bit that goes above the front door. That table leg looking thing needs to be stained and attached. Then I can call it a finial. How about that? But I’ll probably still just call it that decorative bit above the door. Because I’m cultured like that.
    Now that I’ve cleared that up, here are today’s pictures. Notice that I parked in the driveway. Who said new habits are hard to form?
    1. Daily pic from across the road.
    Daily pic from across the road
    2. Master bedroom, with carpet!
    master bedroom with carpet
    3. Zac’s bedroom with carpet. It look bigger now.
    Zac's room
    4. Bathroom tile to be replaced, where too much was cut for the underfloor heating control.
    tile to be repalced in bathroom where heating control is
    5. Rumpus room.
    rumpus room
    6. Sitting room, with carpet.
    sitting room
    7. Table leg otherwise known as a finial, to be stained and attached above the front door.
    finneal for over door decoration
    So we are another step closer. Have emailed the electrical company to ask for our quote to have the meter installed, which should be issued automatically, but nope, nothing yet. There’s a local chap we want to ask for a quote too, to see if we can use a local business.
    We are still trying to find time to ring another landscaper. Between Ray working ridiculous hours and me working each day and then taking the kids to after school activities (and loving it), it’s proving a difficult task to make calls. I have to ring the gas company. It will probably be Friday afternoon before I get to that. But we’ll get there. We just seem to be hitting the crazy busy time of year a bit early. And no, I haven’t packed anything yet. Maybe I can start this weekend with a ruthless cull of kitchenware.
    Catch you tomorrow with hopefully a freshly painted front porch.

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