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Almost. There.

on October 21, 2014

The construction fence was dismantled today!!!!! I was so excited that I had to ring Ray before I did anything else, to tell him. The kids jumped out of the car to have a look “Does this mean it’s nearly ours Mum?” and “Now I’m excited.” I guess they are a bit over being dragged up there after school every day. Liam often waited in the car and I’d come back to find the music changed.

Of course the house is locked up, as it has been since the locks were installed, but we wandered around looking in the windows and of course the kids gravitated to the pile of dirt in the back yard, where they used to go before the fence went up. It was nice to be able to walk the perimeter of the entire house – the construction fence was on the boundaries and we couldn’t get around the back without going onto our neighbour’s property, which I didn’t do once they moved in.

I chatted to the neighbour across the road, a family we know who have only recently moved into their house. He was able to recommend a gas company for our bottled gas. He was also able to give me an idea of what council will insist on being finished before they will issue an occupation certificate. Things like fly screens and the council portion of the driveway. We know we will need a retaining wall on the western side of the block.

I rang our site supervisor to check the flyscreens are on the way. They were overlooked on the original purchase order (along with the pantry shelves), but he has ordered them and they are definitely coming. The carpet will be laid tomorrow, the painters are back the next day to do their touch ups and paint the ceiling of the front porch. Pantry shelves will be done soon. The final walk through has been pushed from next Monday to next Friday as there is too much to do to have it ready by Monday. That’s fine by us, Friday suits us better as I won’t be running the kids to and from after school activities. And they are way ahead of schedule, so an extra few days won’t matter. My Dad is also arriving that day, with the hope of seeing the house. Good timing. Now I won’t have to ask for another walk through.

Here are today’s pictures.

1. Daily pic from across the road WITH NO FENCE!!!!

Daily pic from across the road

2. Half of the dismantled fence, all packed up ready to be collected.

half of the dismantled construction fence

3. Looking through the pantry window into the kitchen.

taken from outside the pantry window

4. Back of the house, rumpus room not visible on the far left. I was looking into the sun and couldn’t see how much of the house was in the photo.

back of house, rumpus room not visible on left

5. Excited kids, on top of the world.

on top of the world, excited kids

6. Looking through the alcove window at the back of the house, opposite the front door.

from outside alcove window, towards front door

Back tomorrow with what should be carpet pics.



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