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The little jobs all add up.

on October 20, 2014

We were hoping that the carpet would be laid today but it wasn’t. But that’s no drama, it will probably happen tomorrow. Or maybe even the next day, but happen this week it will.

There was a car parked out the front and the gate was open but I couldn’t see or hear anyone inside. So I ventured inside the fence to check what was happening. I started taking my photos through the windows and the chap working inside found me and let me inside the house. I saw him checking measurements, but I don’t know what his role is in our construction. He said he was almost finished, so I had a super quick look around so as not to delay him.

He told me that we’d been siliconed today. No, not plastic boobed. The joins in the showers, where tiles meet walls and where vanities meet floors have had a strip of silicon applied. It looks nice and neat now, closed joins, not gaps, if you know what I mean.

I noticed a sign above the outdoor tap that wasn’t there before. And I don’t know what else was done today. But all these little jobs are adding up towards the completion of our massive job!

Here are today’s photos.

1. Someone’s been busy working.

someone's been working

2. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

3. One of the bedrooms – no carpet yet. Insert sad face here lol.

Zac's bedroom, no carpet yet

4. Sign above on of the outdoor taps – no drinking water from the hose like we all did as kids.

new sign over tap

5. Ensuite shower – has been siliconed.

ensuite, shower has been siliconed

6. Ensuite vanity. The side panels were replaced the other week as the originals were cut too short and there was a strip of white showing. Today it was siliconed around the base and probably across the top too, but I wasn’t looking for that so I don’t know.

ensuite, base of vanity has been siliconed

7. Pantry – still sans shelves. This pic was taken from outside the window.

pantry, taken through window, still awaiting shelves

Back tomorrow to share whatever I find. Fingers crossed it’s some carpet! And pantry shelves.



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