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Wandering around outside our house

on October 17, 2014

It is four months today since the start date of our house construction. I think they’ve been making excellent time, with only two days lost from wet weather. Only a few weeks until expected hand over. Which is when we get the keys!!!!

I didn’t take any photos yesterday as when I went past our house, the plasterers were there working on the ceiling of the front porch and there was a lady cleaning windows. Taking photos would have been very obvious and I didn’t want them to feel as though I am checking up on them and taking photos of them working. They don’t know what I am using the photos for. I wouldn’t like to be photographed at work without being asked first, so I’m not going to do that to somebody else.

I went back this afternoon to check it out. The plasterboard is in place, with the painters to come back to paint it. I had assumed that the porch ceiling would be flat, but it in angled towards the front and the two ends are angled too, which there is nothing wrong with, it simply never entered my mind.

The fly screens are still to be fitted on the windows.. I must check with our site supervisor that these haven’t been overlooked, as he hasn’t mentioned them, yet we are paying extra to have them. Fly screens are not an included item when you build a house. I know the pantry shelves were missed when the purchase order for all the pieces of our house was made, perhaps these have been missed too. I would rather raise the issue whilst there is time to get it rectified without delaying completion. We are going to organise the screens for the sliding doors ourselves. There are two companies in our town who make them as well as curtains and blinds, so I’ll be paying them both a visit next week with plans in hand to ask them to quote.

Ray’s organising quotes for retaining walls and basic landscaping. I need to ring the gas companies to quotes on bottled gas. And we are still waiting for our automatic quote from the electrical company for the meter. We won’t get far without any of these items.

The rubbish pile was taken away today, including the pallets I had asked if we could keep, I knew I should have grabbed them already. Oh well, never mind. They were just to have in case they came in handy. Because whenever you could do with one, you don’t have one.

Here are a few photos from today’s wander around inside the construction fence. More reflection because I was taking some pics through windows.

1. Front porch east to west.

front porch east to west

2. Fittings for gas bottles.

fittings for gas bottles

3. Fittings for hot water system. No natural gas here, so it’s an electric & solar system. The solar panels have been replaced, our site supervisor picked up a problem with the originals. He is on top of any problems, which is great.

hot water fittings

4, It would appear Liam has been here several times………

Liam may have been here

5. Back of house west to east. Rumpus, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, alcove, family, dining, kitchen, laundry.

back of house west to east

6. There was a lady here cleaning windows yesterday, I hope this paint wasn’t spilled today! She hasn’t finished all the cleaning yet so I am not worried about it. I just feel for her if she did clean it and then the painters came in and slopped. There are paint dribbles on a couple of windows, but I know it will be cleaned off.

rumpus room

7. Ceiling under the front porch. Note how the end is on an angle. Just something I hadn’t thought of – I had assumed it would be flat/straight.

angled porch ceiling

8. Daily pic from across the road. Garage, pantry, ensuite, walk in wardrobe, master bedroom, entry, lounge/sitting room. bedroom, bedroom.

Daily pic from across the road

Back with some more next week. Ten days until our expected final walk through with our site supervisor. Completion’s getting closer!


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