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Closer and closer, inch by inch.

on October 15, 2014

When I stopped by the house today, our site supervisor happened to be there and he offered me a walk through our house. I didn’t need asking twice.

Our official walk through will be October 27, which is basically when our site supervisor shows the house off to us and we have the opportunity to identify anything that needs to be fine tuned. I noticed today that the pantry shelves have not been installed – lucky I spoke up, as they appear to simply been overlooked when everything for our house was ordered. So now they will get that rectified. You cannot present a pantry without shelves – otherwise it’s just an empty room. Given that the pantry is one of my offices in the house, the shelving is something important to me!

There are some bits of blue tape on the paintwork where our site supervisor has identified as needing to be touched up by the painters when they come back. He’s on top of most things before we’ve even noticed them, which is great.

The subbies came to do the plaster lining (ceiling) on the front porch today, which they couldn’t do as they only sent one guy and it’s not a one man job. Lol! So they have to come back.

The painters will come back to paint the porch ceiling and fix the bits that need touching up inside the house.

The carpet is expected to be laid on Monday.

The cleaner will come through and clean up everyone’s crap make the place look spick and span.

And then we will have our official walk through.

And then we will get the rest of the bill. Oh joy of joys!

Today I took lots of pics, I was a bit like a Japanese tourist.

You might want to make yourself a cuppa – you might be here a while. Or maybe not. It’s entirely up to you how much of your time (if any) you want to spend looking at my photos yet again!

No explanations this time, just happy pics as we explored. Enjoy! And please remember, my kitchen bench is not green, that’s still the protective coating.

Porch to be plaster lined Sitting room, taken from the hallway bathroom shower ensuite shower in ensuite walk in wardrobe master bedroom, through to ensuite Liam was here kitchen, dining, family room kitchen sink inside garage bits & pieces in the garage laundry walk in wardrobe with shelving pantry with shelving to come kitchen awaiting appliances family, dining, kitchen west to east inside the house rumpus room zac's room liam's room bathroom megan's room garage from the outside Daily pic from across the road

Back when I have something else to share. What on earth am I going to talk about once our house is finished?




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