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A Sparky Day

on October 13, 2014

On my way to drop the kids off at school this morning, I passed the electrician’s van on its way to our house. They are a Sydney company with their name on their vans and we are the only ones building with Metricon in this area, so there was no doubt that’s where they were headed.

They put in our air conditioning vents (and I’m assuming the control panel), power points, light switches and light bulbs. I daresay there will be other things they did that my electrically untrained mind doesn’t think of.

I had a phone call from the construction department of Metricon to tell me that the plumbing fit out is complete and she sent me a handy email with information we need to know about what happens next. Our site supervisor has booked the private certifier to do the final inspection and that inspection will identify what we need to do as owners to get the house ready for the interim occupation certificate. I am expecting that retaining walls will be the major thing identified. We have been aware the whole way along that these need to be in place before we get the final okay. For now, we wait and see if anything else is identified. There may be something I’ve forgotten about.

Once they get the private certifier’s okay (he inspects Metricon’s work at particular stages along the build to make sure everything is up to sctratch), then the final invoice will be emailed to us along with a date for our walk through with our site supervisor. If we okay everything then we arrange with the bank for that final payment to be made, which the bank has said to allow up to 10 working days to process and we have to send a copy of our insurance policy to the bank with the payment request.

And I have to organise gas bottles to be delivered – we have a gas cook top and there is no natural gas here. But I don’t think I can do that until we are in possession of the house, I’m not sure, I guess it depends on when the construction fence is removed.

Anyway, here are some photos I took showing today’s progress, again taken through the windows & trying to reduce the glare.

1. One of the “fancy” light switches – a piece will glow when it’s switched on. I chose not to have them glow when switched off as it would be distracting, plus the lights will spend more time off than on = less electricity wasted.

bedroom fancy light switch

2. Power points in master bedroom, we requested a particular distance between these two power points, but you’d think they’d still put them the same distance away from either wall. Oh well, it’s workable and it gives us the opportunity to back to back them in the room behind.

bedroom powerpoints

3. Front door, now with down light above. Obviously there is some painting to be finished off.

front entry with down light

4. Front porch, with plaster ceiling to come. Which will then be painted, which explains why the bit above the door isn’t finished yet.

porch ceiling to be done

5. Regular light switch and power point in sitting room.

switches in sitting room

6. I think this was in the sitting room. I only noticed one light and the air conditioning vent, but there are two lights.

lights & aircon

7. This is why I went inside the fence – the rubbish pile told me what they had done today so of course I had to see how they looked.

aircon boxes on rubbish pile

8. Daily pic from across the road.

daily pic from across the road

I hope to be back with more tomorrow.



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