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Racing to the finish line

on October 10, 2014

I “tripped and landed inside the construction fence” again today. Gosh, I ought to be more careful!

Today the shower screens were fitted, as were the wardrobe doors and I think the mirrors would be from the same company, so I’m guessing they went in today too. I noticed the toilets are in. I spied a shelf in our walk in wardrobe, with the rod to hang clothes on still to be fitted.

This is how it looked when I looked through the front windows. There is a bit of reflection in the photos, I tried my best to reduce it.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Looking through the window into one of the bedrooms with the rumpus room in the background. I couldn’t get the whole room as I had to take my photos where the protective film is coming off the windows, and the glare was working against me.

Zac's room

3. Another bedroom, again I couldn’t get all of it in shot.

Liam's room

4. Sitting room at the front of the house, to the right of the entrance.

Sitting room

5. Taken from outside master bedroom window. The doors open inwards to the room. Beyond the doors is the entrance hallway.

master bedroom

6. Walk in wardrobe. The mesh shelf has been installed but I couldn’t see it in real life due to the glare on the window. It was only when I looked at the photos afterwards that I saw it. That means the pantry and linen shelves have probably been installed too.

walk in wardrobe

7. Ensuite – shower on the right, toilet room on the right.


8. Ensuite shower – there is some grouting to be finished in the corner.

shower in ensuite, grout to be finished

9. Ensuite vanity and mirror.

ensuite vanity and mirror

You can see from these photos that the electricians still need to come back to finish the power points and light switches. And obviously the carpet is yet to be laid. And I don’t know what else, but I don’t need to know what else because I am not a builder. That would be Metricon’s job.

In another casual conversation with our site supervisor, he has indicated we will be having our final inspection in 2-3 weeks, then they allow another two weeks to finalise anything that is identified as needing doing by them. Which is good because the bank has told us to allow 7-10 days for the final progress payment to be processed. So that’s the exciting news for today. We will wait for the official notification – the letter from Metricon before we get too excited.

Back next week with another update.



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