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Not much today.

on October 9, 2014

As I keep saying, with most of the work going on inside the house now, we don’t really know what’s happening in there.

Today I noticed the replacement front door has been put on and from outside the construction fence I could see the shower head in the ensuite. Block out blinds on that window is high priority. I know the people who are building across the road from us and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to see either Ray or I showering. If we were young and sexy then maybe, but with our post-40 bodies the sight could scar them for life.

Anyway, enough digs at us; here are today’s photos.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Close up of replacement front door, in the final colour.

new front door in place

3. Hard to see in a photo, but that silver bit you can see through the window panel on the right is our shower head. Sounds creepy, but we deliberately left this window with clear glass so it matched all the other windows on the front on the house. We will be getting block out blinds.

looking into the ensuite, the silver is the shower head

I’m busting to get inside and have another look and am getting impatient as the finish gets closer, which is totally expected.

I guess I had better think about start packing some things up at the house we are living in.

Back tomorrow,



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