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on October 8, 2014

With the new school term and a shuffling of after school activities, Wednesday is now our busiest afternoon. As a result, it is getting close to ticking over to Thursday as I write this. So it’s just a quick post today.

There was a ute onsite, with workmen busy working away inside.I couldn’t see anyone but could hear the occasional banging, so I know they were doing something in there. I did see the empty shower fittings boxes in the rubbish pile.

Here are the pics:

1. I checked out the rubbish pile to get an idea of what was done inside the house today. This old hot water system isn’t ours!

Old Hot Water System not ours

2. Fittings where the gas bottles will go.

fittings for gas bottles

3. The pipes on the water tank have been painted.

painted pipes on water tank

4. Taken through the construction fence, across the front of the house.

across the front of the house, porch painted yesterday

5. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

Back with more tomorrow if there is more to see. Right now, it’s bedtime.



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