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Making a Checklist towards Completion

on October 3, 2014

The best thing about making a checklist to completion is that not all the jobs on it are our responsibility! With an estimated month to six weeks until our house is ready to be handed over to us, the building company has plenty to keep them busy in that time frame. None of their jobs are unexpected though, it is all part of a standard build.

The carpet company rang today as they have received their instructions to lay our carpet and needed a signature from us before they could proceed as our order was done over the phone a couple of weeks ago after we visited their show room and chose what we wanted when we were in Sydney back in March.

The rest of their jobs are things I mentioned the other day, like taps, toilets, power points, light switches, shelving, painting and whatever else they need to do.

A funny conversation happened this week. Our site supervisor said he didn’t like the look under the porch, which in the standard design has exposed beams. He said he’d put a plaster ceiling in for us so it looks better.

Ahem…………we have already paid to have this done in our contract!! So yes, he will be getting a plaster ceiling put it for us.

I didn’t like the idea of walking out the front door onto the porch and looking up and seeing exposed beams. Having it plaster lined was a must in my book. Not negotiable. Exposed beams are a magnet for spiders and critters and they are not welcome at our place. Just like we’ve paid for enclosed eaves. Standard eaves are left exposed, a big no-no in my book. Maybe you like them, and that’s fine by me, that’s your business, but they are not my cup of tea.

Our list of jobs is also expected tasks. Things like retaining walls, turf, letterbox, clothes line, lights, curtains, shed, back deck, driveway, oh gosh this list could become endless!

Here are a couple of pics from today.

1. Front porch. Plaster ceiling to come as part of the build.

Front porch close up

2. The strip above the garage will be painted the same colour as the garage door – Basalt, as part of the build.

Piece above garage door still to be painted

3. Still waiting on the replacement front door after this one was damaged by the plasterers.

Front door still to be replaced

4. Daily pic from across the road. Had to know what’s happening inside – I was even checking out the rubbish pile for any indication but it was full of empty floor tile boxes so there’s nothing new happened that I can tell.

Daily pic from across the road

Back with more next week. With the public holiday Monday it will be a short week. What a great way to ease back into work.



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