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Chatter about our house construction

on October 2, 2014

I shouldn’t have to justify why I blog about our house construction. But someone had a go at me last night.

There is so much more I want to say but I won’t. Because that wouldn’t be nice.

So why do I blog about the house?

I would think that is pretty obvious. This is a major project for us. Houses are not cheap. We may only build once in our lifetime. We would like to have a record of it. It means a lot to us. Photographing it and writing about it each day is a way of documenting it. It’s also a curiosity thing, how much does the house change each day, at what stage does each trade come in? I don’t know this stuff, I haven’t built before. I am interested in what’s going on. Yes, there is other stuff going on in the world, I know that. But at this moment, our house construction is our world.

When we moved away, we moved away from our closest friends. Friends who we keep in contact with,.Friends who are still part of our lives. Friends who are interested in seeing how our house is progressing. Describing stages in emails and over the phone isn’t the same as seeing it in pictures. So it’s interesting to them too.

We have friends locally who are also watching our house being built. They are interested too.

We have family members who ask how our build is coming along. They are interested too.

To email each group of people would take more time than I have available. The simplest way to keep everyone up to date is on this blog.

I am not forcing anybody to read my posts. You can choose to scroll past them on your Facebook page, you can hide the post so it isn’t clogging up your wall. Yes, I am thrilled if you read it and ooh and aah at the pics I share (thanks to those who do!). But if you’ve had enough of seeing it, don’t read it. It’s pretty simple really. I’ve mentioned before in some of my posts that I won’t be offended if you get bored of my photos. I even make jokes about how the pic from across the road always looks the same because most of the work is being done inside the house now. But I’m not going to stop just because one person has had enough.

So, how does our house look today?

The same as it did yesterday! And here’s a pic, just in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like.

Daily pic from across the road

Ray ran into our site supervisor out and about today and there was casual discussion about when our house would be ready. Apparently the end of the month has got potential. That will be pretty awesome if that pans out. Anything can happen between now and then though, so I will stress that it was a casual discussion. No moving arrangements will be made until we get our official letter from Metricon to advise us of our handover date. But I can be culling stuff in the meantime and packing stuff we don’t use often. In between returning to work and after school activities next week.

Back with more when there’s more to show and tell!



4 responses to “Chatter about our house construction

  1. Jacque says:

    Good on you Karen, this is a huge step in your life, something you will remember, but maybe the kids won’t, what a great way to show the kids what mum and dad did. I for one love seeing the progress of your home, I did the same when we built our home, keep blogging, love to see it to the end. Xx

    • Thanks heaps Jacque. It’s getting more exciting as we are nearing the finish. Then all our own finishing needs to be done, like curtains, lights, turf, landscaping…….you know exactly how it is!

  2. Megan says:

    Don’t worry about the naysayers Karen… I love watching your house take shape…keep up the fantastic work 🙂

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