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Day Two of Painting

on September 16, 2014

The painters were at the house again today. At least, their ute was, when we stopped by today. I didn’t actually see them, but the front door opened when I was around the back. So it was either them or our house has a ghost already.

From outside the construction fence I could see through some of the windows and saw painted walls. They are nearly impossible to photograph, due to the distance, reflection off the glass and the protective film that is on the windows, as you can’t see through it.

We received a text from Metricon today stating that our next invoice has been emailed to us. There is only one more progress payment to be made, which is the final one, however we think they are a bit premature if this is the payment they are requesting. There is still tiling and carpeting to be done, bench and appliances to be installed, shelving and wardrobes to be fitted out, taps to be installed, front porch to be finished, light bulbs to go in and lots of other jobs that don’t come to mind immediately. That’s not the kind of stuff that can be finished in the week or so it takes to organise insurance and get that final payment made via the bank. Neither of us have received the email yet, but we think it is more likely to be for the upgrade of the carpet underlay we notified them of last week.

Here are some photos from today.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. White pipes on the water tank have been added today.

white pipes on the water tank

3. Daily pic from back corner.

daily pic from back corner

4. Rumpus room – you can see the walls have been painted.

painted rumpus room. architraves built

5. There is a piece of timber missing where the eaves meet the bricks at the front there. Something to keep an eye on to make sure it gets fixed.

piece of timber missing

6. Hard to see in this one, but the metal arc on the timber work above the front door is now a pretty arc instead of a semi circle. This decorative piece is not complete yet. That will happen in time.

front from the western end

Hopefully I will get to speak to our site supervisor soon and get an indication of when it could realistically be ready for handover. The lease in the house we are renting expires in mid October, not November as I had initially thought, so to have the house ready shortly after that would be ideal.

Back with more to share when I have more to share.


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