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Focus on Aberdeen NSW, not Scotland

on September 13, 2014

We have spent time over this weekend and last at a small country town called Aberdeen. It’s 15 kilometres south along the highway from where we live and is the town I work in.

In the 2006 census, the town’s population was 1791. It would have changed since then, but not by too much, as in these parts just as many people move away as move to here. Although I don’t think Aberdeen is as affected as much as Muswellbrook and Scone (to a lesser extent). It’s all to do with the mining industry and its ups and downs (in my not so educated experience). The horse industry in Scone (where we are) is not as volatile as the mining industry. Muswellbrook is where more mines are located, so they cop the brunt of the roller coaster ride.

Last weekend Aberdeen hosted Big Boys’ Toys, which is a show and shine event, so the kids and I went along for a look on a beautiful spring day. Ray & Zac went to Newcastle car hunting for a replacement car for Zac after his was written off following a drive through some water that was too deep.

Anyway………we had a lovely day out at Big Boys’ Toys, the weather was beautiful, there was fun for the kids, there was a bbq to be had and there was ice cream. And we had no time restrictions. What more could we possibly want?!

Here are some pics:

1. Motorbikes……..yeah…….if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Oops, did I say that out loud?!


2. Sing along now “Little red corvette”

little red corvette

3. Keep singing…..”Mustang Sally”

mustang sally

4. Jenny Martin Nicholls, I immediately thought of you when I saw this car, as I know you drive one!

jenny nicholls

5. Anyone for glamping camping?

camping anyone

6. Grunt.

muscle cars

7. Did someone mention the word wedding? Jaguar.

did someone say wedding

8. How the dickens do I get into this 3 wheeler? Oh, that bit at the front opens up.

how do I get in

So that was last weekend. This was in the same grounds where the Aberdeen Highland Games are held each July, which we go along to and celebrate Scottish stuff.

Today we headed back to Aberdeen, to check out Aberdeen Public School’s 150th Birthday celebrations and fete. Again, the sun came out to smile on everyone, to the point where we were seeking shade, which was plentiful. Aberdeen Public School is next door to St Joseph’s High School, which is where I work. They have beautiful grounds and I have only ever heard positive comments about the school. Being a small town, many residents have attended both schools, there is no public high school in Aberdeen, only the Catholic high school. In small towns, local events are big. It’s all about supporting each other – when the population is small, event organisers really need the public to come along.

Our children don’t attend Aberdeen Public School, but we wanted to go along and join in a community event  – I’ve mentioned previously how we want to experience as many community events as we can to really immerse ourselves in the local culture. And let me tell you, there are no shortage of events. The short film festival in Scone was sold out in advance this evening, with a waiting list.

Anyway, the school turned 150 and they dug up a time capsule and I am led to believe they were going to bury another one. We arrived just as they pulled the old one out and it looked to be filled with envelopes, which I expect are filled with writings of former students. I didn’t photograph the plaque but I think it said the capsule was buried 50 years ago (1964). I may be wrong about this though because I only glanced at it in passing. I wish now that I had gone back over and taken a photo of the plaque. Too late now.

Here are today’s photos:

1. Self explanatory.

Aberdeen 150 years

2. Could this be one of the original buildings? Behind that building is a playground, than a boundary fence, the other side of which is the high school at which I work.

possibly an original building

3. School bell, still in use, I believe. It certainly looks like it could be.

school bell

4. Can’t go past the rides for the kids. Liam in the blue down the bottom, Megan in the blue mid slide.

inflatable slide

5. Tea cup ride. Notice the beautiful view in the background. We are so lucky here, to be overlooking farmland.

tecaup ride

6. Close up of what looks like a cottage, which I think is a classroom in the infants section these days.

old cottage style room at aberdeen school

7. A row of the cottages, now classrooms (I think). Could they have originally been the Principal and staff residences? Did they have such a thing? I don’t know, but they are about the right size. Remember, this is the country and the Principal would have needed to be provided with accommodation if he had come from out of town. And staff members too, I imagine.

cottages that are now classrooms

So that’s a quick look at Aberdeen NSW, not Scotland. There is more to the town than the two schools, there are a couple of pubs, a couple of clubs (RSL club and a Bowling & Sports Club), a doctor, chemist, fire brigade, newsagent, a couple of takeaway shops, a bakery (where I pick up bread rolls for school), a petrol station or two, a couple of rest stops (the New England Highway is known for its abundance of decent rest stops), a second hand shop or two, a florist, a few other shops and not much else. Oh, and it has a golf course. I can’t forget that, my Stepdad is a mad keen golfer!

So that’s been our recent outings.

What have you been up to? Do you have any photos you can share?



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