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Inside the fence

on September 12, 2014

You know how we are not allowed inside the construction fence unless we are accompanied by our site supervisor? Yeah, well I went in today. Because I am a rebel. Because I was busting to see my kitchen. Our kitchen.

I was not disappointed. I’m not going to bore you with words, let’s get on with sharing the pics!

1. Daily pic from across the road. Nothing to see here………move along.

Daily pic from across the road

2. I was excited just from seeing this box that housed the laundry sink on the rubbish pile, before I “tripped and landed inside the construction fence”.

laundry tub box

3. Sump pump. I’m playing the chick card here. But apparently it’s something to do with draining a pit. O…….kay.

sump pump for some drainage thing

4. That would be the rumpus room. This is where visitors will sleep. The window on the right is the bathroom window.

rumpus room

5. Kitchen island!! With cupboards in the background. Note the horizontal door handles so we can hang a tea towel from them. Because that’s important.


6. Trying to stop the reflection off the glass from outside. This shows half of the kitchen cupboards on the wall – the oven, cooktop and rangehood go to the right of the cupboards against the wall, with the same number of cupboards not visible in this pic. I couldn’t get it all in the photo. You can see better in the previous pic. In the background to the left is my walk in pantry, the first alcove of which will house the fridge, then where the cross is on the wall is where the shelving will be.

kitchen again

7. Laundry tub, cupboards and broom cupboard. The door goes to the garage. I took this from the sliding door to the back yard.


8. Walk in linen, which I don’t remember seeing a door on last week. It looks bigger with a door on it. This is my OCD room. It will have lots of labels to make finding the right sized sheets a breeze. Because we all know what a pain in the butt the linen cupboard can be.

walk in linen with door hung

I got all excited as well because the internal doors look to all be hung. Ray informed me that 80% of them were hung when we had our walk through last week with our site supervisor. Yeah, nah……..I didn’t notice them. Apparently that’s what the tradies who were there at the time were doing. I remember there were tradies there…….

Back with goodness knows what next time!



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