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Inside our house-to-be

on September 4, 2014

We got to go inside our new house today, when we had a walk through with our site supervisor.

I oohed and aahed and came away feeling quite excited to see it all in real life and up close. I would have mentioned before that there is no display home of this model, as it is 30 metres wide and city residential blocks aren’t built that wide. There are no display villages in the country

What I thought was the damage on the front door is more consistent with a footprint, now that we have seen it up close. The actual damage is where the door handle and locking mechanism goes. Our site supervisor is also wondering why the plasterers felt the need to kick their way into the house. It looks like they’ve kicked one side, and when that didn’t give, they’ve kicked the other side and taken a chunk off the door where it would have been nailed shut. But he’s already on top of it and a new door has been arranged. He is also aware of the rubber seal coming away from the garage window, which will be fixed as part of the fine tuning process a couple of weeks before the house is handed over to us.

The bit above the front door is wrong too. Our site supervisor said he could see straight away that it wasn’t right. The steel was bent at the wrong angle, it’s meant to be an arc, not a semi circle and there will be a finial (I’ve been trying not to forget that word) attached to it. Remember I said there was a decorative bit to added? That would be it, but it will happen when it’s time. There is also the front porch to be built, by a different set of carpenters than did the existing carpentry.

I know you are just busting your britches to have a look, so here we go. I will warn you though, there are a lot of photos today. Feel free to simply scroll on if you get bored lol.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. The hallway, west to east, taken from in front of the window on the western wall.

inside, west to east, from inside western window

3. Main bathroom. This one’s for the kids. There will be underfloor heating in here.


4. Formal lounge, with provision for shutters to the hallway. Good for air circulation as well as decoration.

formal lounge

5. Megan’s bedroom.

Megan's room

6. Taken standing in master bedroom, the doorway you can see is to the walk in robe and the room beyond that is the ensuite, which is bigger than the kids’ bathroom.

master bedroom, robe & ensuite

7. Ensuite. The black part is the shower and the doorway is to the toilet.


8. Air con return in the hallway ceiling. That window on the far wall is on the western wall, where I took the hallway photo (photo #2 today).

air con return in hallway

9. Standing in the centre of the house, looking from the hallway into the open plan family, dining & kitchen. The laundry is behind the kitchen (the far sliding door is from the laundry to the back yard).

family, dining, kitchen open plan

10. My walk in pantry! Enough room to swing a cat. Or two. (Please note, we do not have any cats, there will be no animals harmed in the use of this pantry). The closest bit of wall is part of the fridge space, which is tucked away into the pantry, not in the actual kitchen.

my pantry

11. Open plan kitchen, dining, family rooms, looking from the kitchen.

kitchen, dining, family

12. My pantry again. You can see the space for the fridge just as you enter the pantry, beyond the first piece of wall. The wall on the right of this pic is where my oven, cooktop, rangehood and cupboards will be. That black “dot” is the cutout where a powerpoint will be.

walkin pantry showing fridge housing

13. Walk in linen. Hard to photograph. Not as big as I had mentally pictured it, but certainly a big improvement on the single cupboard we have now. I have seen one this size in a Metricon display home and it looked fine.

walk in linen

14. Laundry, taken from the garage. That is the sliding door that has the gap but it simply hasn’t had its final adjustment yet. There won’t be a gap by the time the house is handed over to us.


15. Our garage. The green door is to the back yard, the open door is to the laundry.

in the garage, looking to laundry

16. Entertainment alcove in the open plan family room. This is where the tv will go, possibly wall hung with no wires on show.

tv alcove in family room

17. Taken from near the pantry, looking east to west through the house.

east to west, rooms and hallway

18. They still had to put the lock on the damamged door, so the house can be locked up until the replacement door arrives.

front door damage, a new door is on the way

19. I found the other shoe! This one was inside the construction fence and matches the one that is still on outside the fence. Along with our site supervisor, we think they belong to the plasterers. I don’t think they want them back.

I found the other shoe, this one inside the fence

20. Daily pic from back corner. I won’t be able to get photos from the back soon as it involves trespassing on next door’s property and their house is almost ready to be handed over to them. I told them today that I wouldn’t be walking on their land once they’ve moved in. It’s a respect thing. 

Daily pic from back corner

So what happens next?

The painters are due to come in two weeks (18th) and the tilers a week after that (24th). So I had better get my butt into gear and make that phone call to the carpet company. I can’t see me getting that done before next week though. There’s too much after school sport to run the kids to and from tomorrow and they will be closed on the weekend. Monday it will have to be. I need to put the phone number on my kitchen whiteboard. Things happen when they are on there.

So that’s where we are at. Feeling happy and looking forward to seeing the rest of our build come together.




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