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Are you bored of seeing my house photos yet?

on September 1, 2014

Just for something different, I headed up to our block this afternoon to see if anything had happened on our build today.

It doesn’t look like anything did.

But that didn’t stop me from taking lots of photos, trying to see more and more of what we can’t see inside.

1. Sliding door looks crooked, notice the gap at the top left. Or maybe it’s just not closed properly. It’s from the laundry to the back yard. Will have to check this out further.

crooked sliding door

2. Looking into the garage, internal door to the laundry to be fitted later.

garage, still a door to fit

3. Daily pic from across the road.

daily pic from across the road

4. Daily pic from back corner.

daily pic from back corner

5. Back of house from a different angle. That sliding door on the right is the one that looks crooked.

back of house

6. Rumpus room sliding door.

looking through rumpus room

7. Back of house, western end.

back of house left to kitchen

8. Rumpus room window on western wall of house.

through rumpus window

9. Front entrance to house. Still waiting for our porch to be built. We think the front door was broken by the plasterers, so expect Metricon to supply a replacement one. We haven’t been told about it yet, Ray went into the house and discovered it. So we’ll see what happens.


front entrance


And………that’s about where the house is up to. I rang the bank to chase up the latest progress payment today and their system was saying that it was done, however our loan balance doesn’t reflect that and Metricon haven’t received the payment. They can charge us interest if the payment isn’t made on time (which is today) so the bank is chasing up their end to get it done. I’d like to think they recognise the urgency of the situation. If we get charged interest by Metricon I will be asking the bank to pay it, not us.

* Must ring site supervisor to book in a walk through.

* Must ring the carpet company to book an appointment in a few weeks.

* Must remember everything I have forgotten!




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