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We have walls.

on August 28, 2014

It rained on and off all day today but that didn’t stop the plasterers coming to work on putting the gyprock up for our walls.

They were still working busily when I went past after 4pm and were packing up when Ray went past around 6pm. It was dark by then so we were pretty impressed that they seem to have stayed until finished rather than have to come back a second day. We haven’t been inside so are assuming this is the case.

The bank hasn’t processed our progress payment yet, they must be busy. Last time it was done within 24 hours of me dropping off the authorisation. 

What happens next I don’t know but I do know that I need to ring the carpet place in Seven Hills tomorrow and make an appointment to call in when we are passing by in a few weeks. Rather than make a special trip, which is around 4 hours each way. We were going to stick with the carpet we chose when we were there a few months ago but since we are passing by we should stop in and make sure it’s still available and check if the one we liked was included in the promotional range that was part of our package.

I also know we need to look for a car, as our big son’s car was written off after it went through water too deep for it to handle nearly two weeks ago. Being in the country, it takes a while for the insurance company to get someone to come and assess the car, but like 11 months ago (when Ray’s car was written off following a collision with a kangaroo), they are moving swiftly to get the payout through to us so we can replace the car.

Anyway………I digress. Here are today’s photos:

1. Pic taken from north west. There was a chap working in the closest room but it’s hard to see them though the protective film on the windows.

front of house from western corner

2. Plasterers hard at work – walls!!!!

plasterers hard at work

3. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

That’s where our house is up to. From now on I expect it will be difficult to see what’s happening inside. I’ll have to book a walk through with our site supervisor soon to have a good look around. And to take lots of photos!




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