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Suspected Lockup

on August 27, 2014

Even though it was another drizzly, rainy day today, I headed up to the block to take my daily pics.

Again, I wasn’t expecting anything to have been done, and as far as I can see, not much has. However, the big sliding door has been installed off what will be the dining room That makes me one happy customer. I suspect this means we are at lock up stage. The external doors have been fitted and all the windows are in. Yay! 

To see it though, I had to risk the muddy boots again. I tell you, my legs got a workout just from the extra weight on each foot from the mud.

I’ll probably get an update phone call from our site supervisor soon, or maybe not. I know the gyprocking will be done as soon as they are able to do it and I know the front porch will be done when the weather permits. There’s not much else he’d be able to tell us right now and it’s a bit pointless for him to ring us to tell us it’s raining. I think we’ve figured that one out already.

Here are today’s photos.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Daily pic from back corner.

Daily pic from back corner

3. The sliding door is on!

Sliding door is on

4. Muddy shoes. There’s not much grass up there to wipe it off either.

muddy boots

Back with more as soon as I can.





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