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No Housework Today

on August 25, 2014

That’s not entirely correct. There was housework done today, both at home and at work. What I meant to say is that no work was done on our house construction today. None that I can see, anyway.

We did receive our next progress payment request, identified as lock up stage. Technically we are not locked up yet, but by the time the payment is made to Metricon, I suspect we will be. The big sliding door off the dining room is still to be installed, so the place isn’t weatherproof yet, which surely means they can’t start plastering the walls yet. I’m itching to see our front porch too, because I can’t remember what it’s meant to look like. Because I pay such attention to details. Not. Oh, and there’s no garage door yet either.

Here are a couple of photos, just in case you forgot over the weekend what it looks like.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Daily pic from back corner.

Daily pic from back corner

3. Insulation has been installed and that’s the plaster for the walls piled up in the garage.

insulation & walls

Back with more when there’s more.



2 responses to “No Housework Today

  1. Jacana says:

    Wow I haven’t checked if for a while and now there is a house. Bet you are excited

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