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Eaves and Door

on August 19, 2014

I almost didn’t go up to our block this afternoon because I wasn’t expecting any workmen to be onsite. I thought this week would be a write off. 

It turns out I was very wrong.

The carpenters were there, working on the eaves, complete with their rottweiler for company. Which doesn’t bother me as long as their dog doesn’t poop inside our house! I’m pretty sure the dog would prefer the grass to the concrete for its toileting needs.

So we now have eaves, which will be painted somewhere along the line.

We also have a front door where it should be, no longer leaning against the house frame in the main bedroom.

As I left our site supervisor arrived so of course I stopped for a quick chat with him. The plastering is booked in to start on Monday. Whether that happens or not is another matter. Our carpenters were only there today because the rain was too heavy at another job. At least with ours they have partial shelter.

I asked if it was reasonable of us to hope to be in by Christmas and after a bit of thinking our site supervisor agreed that yes that would be a reasonable hope, we should be in by Christmas. I realise he can’t guarantee that because there are all sorts of delays that can happen along the way. So we’ll just keep our patient pants on and wait.

I didn’t go up the back to take a photo because I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s mud on my boots, so I don’t know if anything apart from the eaves has been done on that part of the house. The big sliding door off the dining room should be installed soon if it done today. Especially if the plasterers are due next week.

Here are today’s photos.

1. Eaves along the garage.

Eaves on the garage

2. There’s a front door on there!

we have a front door

3. Close up of the front door. From memory, not the final colour.

close up of front door

4. There are eaves along the side, they were still working on the front section when I was there.

eaves along the west of the house

5. Daily pic from acoss the road. There are two workers camouflaged in this photo. One either side of the Metricon sign on the fence. 

Daily pic from across the road

I’ll show you more when there is more to show you.



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