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Raining here, raining there, raining everywhere.

on August 18, 2014

The rain has finally made its way to us, after being forecast for a while now. There is a lot of rain in a lot of Eastern Australia this week.

We haven’t had anywhere near the amount that’s been falling on the coast, but enough to put a pause on our construction. Possibly for the rest of the week, if this rain hangs around as long as it’s expected to. Oh well! Stuff happens.

I stopped by today to see how the soil was reacting to the rain and to identify potential drainage issue areas. I won’t be walking around too much on the block if it’s wet – when you see the photos of my boots you will understand why. I spent more time scraping them on the grass trying to get the mud off than I did taking photos. Turf has now moved up the list of priorities once we have possession of the house. If the rain continues this week, I won’t go right up the back as it’s only going to get boggier. Plus the spot I take the photo from is in our neighbour’s back yard and their house is getting close to being finished. At some stage a fence will go up, so I won’t be able to get to that spot.

Here are today’s photos.

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. My left boot after walking only a few steps on the dirt.

my left boot

3. My right boot after I walked up the back to take my daily photo. Icky sticky soil.

my right boot

4. Daily pic from back corner, taken from our neighbour’s yard which I won’t have access to for much longer.

daily pic from back corner

5. Checking to see where water pools, for future reference in relation to drainage needs.

trying to see where rain is pooling

6. South western corner of house, complete with puddle. Everyone’s yard will have puddles right now.

back corner

 There may not be photos every day this week. You’ll be bored if I force you to look at the same thing every day lol!

Back with more when there’s more.



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