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The Rain Held Off

on August 13, 2014

When I looked outside this morning, I could see the cars were wet and I wondered if it had rained overnight, however noticing moisture on the cars is not a very accurate way to find out as we have cold nights and frosts, so the cars are often wet. As we headed off to school, it was sprinkling. So I wondered if the builders would be on site today.

We went to the block after school and found the roofing guys busily working. There were four of them, so I’m pleased they seem to be intent on finishing it quickly. They are a Newcastle company so the fewer days they have to travel the better for them.

The roof sheeting is complete, they are now working on the capping. Given how much roof was laid yesterday compared with how much was done today, they must have had some delay from the rain, even if it was only drizzle, a wet roof is certainly not safe for them to be walking around on. Or they could have just been waiting for bits to be delivered. Who knows, who cares? They are building our house and that’s what matters to us.

Here are some photos that I took today:

1. How many men does it take to build a roof?

Men on roof

2. Capping ready to be used.

capping ready to use 

3. Closer pic of colours. Sliding door is the laundry (my office lol)

laundry from back yard

4. Back of house, from south eastern corner.

house from back

5. Daily pic from back corner. 

Daily pic from back

6. Through the rumpus room window on the western wall, it’s dark in there now!

roof on so it's dark inside now

7. Taken from front corner.

taken from front western corner

8. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

I don’t think there is any more rain forecast until the weekend. So tomorrow I hope to be looking at a completed roof and maybe even some cleaned brick walls. 

We’ll see what happens.



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