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Roof Day

on August 12, 2014

When I headed to the block this afternoon for my daily photos the roofing contractors were still busy working.

They laid more than half of our colorbond and I assume they will finish it tomorrow and do (or at least start) what I will call the capping. I don’t know if that’s the right name, but I am referring to the corner bits where the roof is angled.. Yet another technical term right there. I am full of them.

As I was turning out of the estate the Metricon ute was turning in, which meant our site manager was on his way to check out how the roofing chaps were going. I didn’t go back, I spoke to him yesterday and today’s work is pretty obvious so he doesn’t have to explain it to me. Unless to tell me if those bits are actually called capping!

Here’s what our house looks like today:

1. Daily pic from back corner

daily pic from back corner

2. Close up of Colorbond roof. The colour is Basalt.

close up of roof

3. Daily pic from across the road

daily pic from across the road

4. Roofing sheets waiting to be laid

roofing sheets waiting to be put on

5. Not much left to do tomorrow

a couple of guys on our oof

Back with a hopefully finished roof tomorrow. The rain doesn’t seem to be coming, which is good for us but bad for our town and surrounds. The farmers desperately need rain. A lot of it.



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