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on August 11, 2014

Today the gutters and fascias were installed on our house. Done in a day, it sure didn’t take them long. I suppose, though, it’s all straight lines.

Our site manager rang again this afternoon, I think he must have forgotten that he spoke to me on Friday. I appreciate that he is touching base though.

This week’s plan now stands at:

Today – gutters and fascias

Tues – roof delivery and installation

Wed – brick cleaning (brick walls are messy, with bits of mortar splashed about)

Thurs – carpenters arrive to construct eaves and do the porch

Fri – carpenters still on site

That’s if the rain holds off. Once the roof is on they can keep working even if it does rain. Rain was expected to come through this afternoon but it hasn’t arrived yet. Keep everything crossed!

After this I think the doors will be installed, bringing us to lockup stage.

The front door has been delivered, I could see it through the window, resting against the frames in the master bedroom.

Today our house looks like this:

1. Daily pic from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. Front porch, from left to right is the master bedroom window (there’s a front door propped on its side in there), entry, then lounge room window.

Front porch

3. Gutters are Colobond Basalt, fascias are Colorbond Surfmist. Lots of scaffolding, clamps and braces to hold it all together.

Close up of colours front corner

4. Daily pic from back corner.

Daily pic from back corner

5. There could be a Colorbond Basalt roof on here tomorrow!

different angle front right half

Hopefully I will have more to show you tomorrow.




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