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Yesterday’s Pics……..Today’s Pics………Same, same.

on August 7, 2014

It was rather late by the time I finished everything I needed to do at home last night.

You know how it is, get home from work and school, do a couple of loads of washing, help with Year One homework, cook two nights’ worth of dinners, tend to sick child who has been absent from school so far this week, peel said sick child away from electronic games that he spent two days with me at work playing (his teacher sent home homework so he wasn’t very impressed to have to do that at my work today), worry about Mr 18 on the road, tuck kids into bed, send ridiculously tired husband to bed, sort the school’s book club order delivery, need I go on…….no,I don’t think I could.

So I went to bed at midnight instead of sharing my daily house construction photos. But, better late than never, here are some pics that I took yesterday and today. The gates on the construction fence were wide open yesterday so I assumed they were waiting for a delivery or a delivery had been made and the truck drove away without making the gates appear locked. So of course we broke the rules and went in.

1. Taken from the laundry doorway (behind the kitchen), this is the kitchen, dining, family room. 

Kitchen dining family room

2. Taken from the rumpus room sliding door. The kids are drawn like magnets to the dirt pile. They found 3 empty beer bottles. They don’t belong to me. If they are still there when we have our walk through with the site manager in the not too distant future I will pretend I am finding them for the first time. I can’t tell him about them yet because we weren’t supposed to be in there.

taken from rumpus room

3. Back of the house, taken from inside the fence.

inside the fence from back corner

4. Taken from the window on the western side of the house, that’s the hallway with the kitchen over yonder.

the hallway from western wall inside

5. All rubbish to be placed in the allocated area. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean the dirt pile. Do not walk mud into the home. Wear gloves after painting has commenced. One day there will actually be walls to paint.

please comply

6. The kids at the front door. Rather, where the front door will be.

kids at the front door

7. Daily pic from back corner.

daily pic from back corner

8. Daily pic from across the road.

daily pic from across the road

9. Roof bits! Gutters and fascias were delivered yesterday. The roof is booked to go on “at the end of the week”. There is only one working day left of this week. I doubt the roof will be going on tomorrow.

roof pieces delivered

10. One day this will be an entertaining area. Once we decide what we want. A spa would be nice. Some shade is a must. This is the hardest area to decide on.

Our future entertaining area out the back

So that’s where we are at for now. Hopefully the roofing chaps will be there tomorrow to install those gutters.

Will keep you posted.



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