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The Boys (Brickies) are Back in Town.

on August 4, 2014

Yes, the bricklayers were back on site today. I knew it would happen, knew that they wouldn’t be absent much longer, after not being there from Wed to Fri last week. It’s hard not to get impatient though.

Given that the roof is booked in to go on at the end of this week, they need to make the most of the clear weather to get the bricklaying finished in time. There were three chaps there today, so they are really getting cracking. I’ve only seen two guys the other times I’ve been there, although it is packing up time when I get there, so it’s possible there have been three, but one has left for the day before I get there.

Today, they continued working on the back of the house and started on the garage, which is the final wall. So they are nearly all the way around. Now, building a brick wall is not as simple as one would imagine. (Which is why bricklaying is a trade, I guess). They can only lay so many courses of bricks towards a wall’s height, not a whole wall at once, to ensure its stability. Clock that up as another thing I have learnt through this build!

Anyway……….here are today’s photos.

1. Daily pic from back corner.

Daily pic from back corner

2. Today’s brickwork, nearly all the way around the house now.

today's brickwork

3. They’ve started the lower courses of bricks along the side of the garage.

eastern side of garage brickwork started

4. Daily pic from across the road. Yes, he was changing a flat tyre on his trailer.

Daily pic from across the road

Back with more tomorrow!




2 responses to “The Boys (Brickies) are Back in Town.

  1. Hi Karen,
    Oh how exciting! The house is looking good – how long to it will be finished? Would be so good to have a new house to decorate, almost like starting a new life!!
    Its going to look so good when its finished. 🙂

  2. This build has been a long time coming. We put our deposit on the land in Sept/Oct last year, when it was still unregistered, so nothing could happen until that was finalised. So we were a bit “over it” for a while……you know, “just go and build the house and tell us when it’s done”. It’s not due to be finished until December but of course we are hoping it’s done sooner! It’s exciting to see it all finally coming together.

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