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My Paid Job. I Love It.

on August 2, 2014

Have I told you lately how much I love my paid job? No, I am not being sarcastic, I really do love it. I am referring to my Canteen Supervisor role in a high school. I call it my paid job, because I am referring to being paid in finances. My main job is my dream job of Wife and Mum, being paid in love, cuddles, appreciation and declarations of love.

My canteen job is the icing on the cake. Yes, it is 5 days a week and yes, I miss out on most of the primary school events.

To be honest, that pulls on the heart strings at times.

Our kids have learned to accept that I can’t be at assembly like I was last year and that I can’t attend all the day time functions like I could last year. They have also learned that with me working the high school job I can still drop them off and pick them up from school every day. I remind them that if I worked in a job that had longer hours I wouldn’t be able to pick them up each day.  I no longer go to work at night and miss out on that window of time with them. I can take them to their after school activities and sports. I can cook a decent meal for our family. Once I leave work for the day, that can be it for the day, although I choose to bring my work laptop home. Because my brain has lots of behind the scenes ideas that I don’t have time to put in writing during my work hours. You know how when you have a job you love you don’t mind putting in that bit extra? Yes, that.

So, why do I love my paid job so much?

There are many reasons. Number one is that it allows me to do the school runs each day. That is of utmost importance to me. I am a Mum first and foremost. Although I know I can get caught up in work and confuse my priorities at times. Don’t judge me for that, we are all human.

Why else do I love my job?

I love the fact that I am rushed off my feet some days. If I have nothing to do, I get bored. I thrive on the fast pace. I cook a meal each day in an effort to distract the students’ attention away from the good old pies and sausage rolls and to channel it towards chicken non fried rice, beef nachos or pasta bolognaise, yummy winter warmers designed to fill hungry tummies with nutrition and love. Nurture through nutrition is my motto. Naturally colourful food – like salad ingredients and fruit. And if I can sneak a vegetable or a green in there, well by golly I will! The fact that it is made fresh on site means that it is automatically better than a pie, sausage roll or (gross) pizza rounda. Freshly made will win hands down in my opinion. Any time. It makes my job more labour intensive and I am fortunate to have a stable of fabulous volunteers, who are experts in donning an apron and getting stuck into whatever needs to be done.

Why else?

The students. Those of you who know me in real life (which is 99% of you), know how much I love all things kids. Their age doesn’t matter. I love to put smiles on their faces and I get to make their tummies smile too. It makes my day when my regular lunch buyers pop their head in to ask what the day’s special is. The fact that they get excited about what I do is so rewarding.  I am always trying to think of meals that are easy to make and easy for them to eat (one handed where possible), trying to make it exciting for them. They are certainly spoilt for choice.

Why else?

The staff. I have never worked with such a supportive bunch of people. I get to work in an environment where help comes from every direction as soon as I put the call out, where compliments and comments of appreciation abound. It feels so good to be among it. It feels good to thank someone for helping. It feels good when staff are also choosing to eat the food I make over the reheated frozen food.

Why else?

I am getting paid to do what I love. No more words needed.

What’s your role in your life and do you love it?





2 responses to “My Paid Job. I Love It.

  1. what a wonderful job you have, I have worked the school tuckshop many years ago and its not something I would want to do ever again! it was a lot of “red tape” and parents who all thought that they could do they could do the job better
    It makes all the difference when you love a job and get paid for it….I love my Job – homeschooling, travelling and blogging 🙂

    • Some people love canteen, some people hate it lol! I’ve definitely in the past come across parents who think they can do better and there are always those who do things differently. All part of life’s diversity! A lot of people also avoid helping because they think it’s gossipy and bitchy, but we are so far from that – we spend a lot of time giggling at ourselves. I have some lovely friendships that have been formed at the various canteens I’ve been at.

      I love the idea of your job! In reality though, I don’t know that I could do it. My husband and I do have dreams of travelling in a motor home when we are older, there is so much of Australia to explore. What wonderful life and learning experiences your children are having.

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