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An Update on our Construction

on July 26, 2014

I am running a day late with my photos because I went out for dinner last night. The restaurant was an hour away (it was in a central place – we were travelling from all directions) so by the time I got home it was 11pm. And I knew that if I turned on my computer I would be engrossed in Facebook and still be up in the wee hours, something I wanted to avoid as we had Liam’s footy match to get to this morning. Which had a change of venue and was postponed by a couple of hours due to the rain. So I got to stay in bed a little longer. Winning!

Anyway…….the rain didn’t start yesterday until the brickies had finished for the day. That was very considerate.

As a result, our house now looks like this:

1. Daily photo from across the road.

Daily pic from across the road

2. That’s the front entrance, lounge room, Liam’s room and Zac’s room.

front door to zac's room bricks

3. Daily photo from the back corner. The bricks are lined up for next week’s bricking.

Daily pic from back corner

4. Photo from the front (north western) corner. They got around the corner with the bricking, that means they are nearly halfway. Not of the whole build, just of the bricklaying.

from front corner north west

Once the bricks are done, I suspect the roof and guttering will be the next pieces of our 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. But that’s over a week away yet, I think.

The rain is only meant to hang around for today, with sunshine forecast for coming week. We need the rain so desperately here, nobody is complaining about it. They’re all measuring it! Counting the millilitres. As you do in the country.

Back with more when there’s more to show.


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